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Infinity Maternity Dress

Infinity Maternity Dress sewing pattern review by Skirt Fixation

Recently I had the opportunity to help test the Infinity Maternity Dress sewing pattern.  This pattern will be released next week from Maternity Sewing.  (You can find the pattern here.)  This dress has Infinity in it’s name due to the multitude of ways to wear the straps.  

Infinity Maternity Dress sewing pattern review by Skirt Fixation

I chose to make the longest maxi version of the pattern.  And then I made the hem shorter in the front for a high low look.  This was partly due to the fact that the only fabric with enough yardage available at my local fabric shop was not quite wide enough for the circle skirt, and then it shrunk some more in the dryer.  The other reason is for the dramatic effect!

Infinity Maternity Dress sewing pattern review by Skirt Fixation

The straps are quite long, and that is so that they can be wrapped in many different ways.  Over one shoulder, around the (empire) waist only, over both shoulders, crossed in the back, crossed in the front…you get the idea!  

Infinity Maternity Dress sewing pattern review by Skirt Fixation

The pattern was quite easy to sew.  The hardest part was crawling around on the floor with a pregnant belly in the way, to cut out the pieces.  Speaking of cutting out the pieces, I really appreciate that this pattern has both pattern pieces and template pieces.  Template pieces means that you are given measurements, or small pieces to use to create the larger pattern pieces.  This saves paper and time!  

The only change I made to the pattern assembly was to enclose the waistband fully on the inside.  Since the waistband is lined, it was a very easy change to make, and one I prefer to feeling scratchy seams around my belly.

Infinity Maternity Dress sewing pattern review by Skirt Fixation

This fabric is a double knit, or similar fabric from JoAnns.  As I mentioned, I needed 6 yards to make this dress due to the huge circle skirt, and the length of the straps.  It’s not very good quality fabric, and I suspect it would pill if worn often.  However, I’m not sure how often I’ll be wearing this statement dress, and I only have 3 months left of pregnancy, so it’s not going to be an issue.  Another thing about this fabric, it’s really too heavy for the recommended knits for the pattern.  (But remember, it was all I had access to!)  The problem is that the weight of the skirt pulls down the elastic in the back.  I solved this by using the ties to wrap around the back and stabilize the elastic.  If I had known it was going to be an issue, I also could have used wider or stronger elastic.  A lightweight fabric like double brushed poly would be an ideal knit for this dress.

Infinity Maternity Dress sewing pattern review by Skirt Fixation

My kids absolutely squealed when I put this dress on.  They told me it looked like a medieval lady or a Victorian princess!  Aria had loads of fun figuring out how to tie the straps in several different ways.  For reference, I was 24 weeks pregnant in these photos.  I sewed the size 4-6.  There is also a bandeau that can be made to layer under the dress, but I chose to wear a long sleeve shirt due to the cold weather instead.  The dress can be made in 10 different lengths from 22.5″ (mini) to 45″ (extra tall.)  It can also be used for non-maternity wear and would be great for nursing.   

Since I’m really not sure where I’ll ever have an opportunity to wear this dress, I’m going to call it “Frosting.”  There’s a challenge on Instagram to “sew frosting” where everyone is encouraged to sew something they want, even if it’s not practical, basic, everyday wear.  So this dramatic dress definitely qualifies.  

Maternity Sewing Podcast with Audrey from Skirt Fixation

If you’re more interested in my pregnancy journey, I was interviewed by The Maternity Sewing Podcast.  You can listen to that episode here: Even though I’m an intensely private person, I shared my story in hopes of helping someone else who may be or may have gone through something similar.

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