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Stretch Crepe Tip Top Tunic

Project Nature Adventure fabric collection

The first garment we’re sharing from the Project Nature Adventure collection is a Tip Top Tunic in stretch crepe fabric. This fabric is called “Binoculars” and it’s designed by Delia of Delia Creates. The print is ocean vistas as seen through a binocular view.

Stretch crepe is a slightly textured polyester/spandex fabric. It has just enough stretch to make the finished garment move with wearer. From what Annie tells me, it’s super comfortable.

The pattern we used is the Tip Top Tunic. It’s a flow-y, drape-y top with double bell sleeves. Intended for lightweight fabrics, it’s a super fun top to wear, and pairs well with fitted garments on bottom. The Tip Top Tunic can also be made into a dress, which we’ve made for Tina.

For the contrast fabric on the double sleeve and neckline, I used a rust quilting cotton from the stash. It’s just the right amount of pop and color on this top. I sewed Annie a size 7/8 which is great for her. She did request a little more length in the armscye next time, so we’ll have to accommodate that. It hasn’t stopped her from wearing it constantly however!

These gorgeous photos are taken by Sara Wilhelm. Annie is also wearing the Fawn Face which is a digital design with the Project Nature Adventure collection. The tutorial for how to make this project into a mask are included in the lookbook, and as part of the digital design package.

This rabbit is from a latest batch of bunnies born on the farm, and the kids tell me it’s name is Rascal! Apparently, it’s a little more daring than it’s siblings and is always the first one out of the nest box exploring. Perfect model for the Project Nature Adventure collection, don’t you agree?

Preorder Project Nature Adventure fabric here.

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