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Rayon Challis Maxi Circle Skirt

Maxi circle skirt tutorial from Skirt Fixation

Rayon challis makes the most heavenly circle skirt. Today’s post will walk you through the process of sewing a maxi circle skirt. Lined and with an invisible zipper. Because why not?!?

Maxi circle skirt tutorial from Skirt Fixation

First of all let’s talk fabric. Be forewarned that a maxi circle skirt is going to require a maximum amount of fabric. Think dramatic entrance. This skirt took 6 yards of rayon challis to create! Please check out our post about the fabric (and that stunning shirt!) over at CaliFabrics.

Maxi circle skirt tutorial from Skirt Fixation

It’s actually impossible to make a maxi circle skirt this long with no seams. Fabric comes in widths of 44-60″ and to create a circle skirt with no seams, the waist circle has to be cut in the center of a square of fabric. When the width is restricted to 60″, the longest you can make a circle skirt without a seam is less than 30″ (because of the size of the waist hole in the center of the square. Maybe an illustration will help.

Circle Skirt with no side seams

So as you can see, a full maxi circle skirt longer than approximately 28″ with NO side seams is not possible using ordinary fabric. However, you can still make a full circle skirt in maxi length by cutting two half circles and sewing them together to create side seams. Here’s the illustration of that:

Full circle skirt maxi length with side seams.

Now the circle skirt can be up to 55+ inches long. And at 6″ tall, we know there aren’t many females out there who will require it to be longer than that! Adding side seams does offer a few benefits, one being that you can add a zipper to the side for easier dressing, and a better/tighter fit.

Maxi circle skirt tutorial from Skirt Fixation

Without including illustrations, here are the steps we took to create a maxi circle skirt that is lined with an invisible side zip and waistband. Let us know if you’d like a further tutorial with illustrations!

  1. Cut out two half circles as described above. (There are a lot of circle skirt calculators out there, but here’s the one we used.)
  2. Cut out a waistband with a width of the waist measurement plus 1″ by twice the desired height plus 1″
  3. Cut out a knee length a-line shape lining. (We used jersey fabric and just winged it on shape!)
  4. Sew together one side seam.
  5. Sew on the waistband. (Here’s a great tutorial.) Be sure to include the lining in this step!
  6. Insert the invisible zip. (Here’s a nice tutorial.)
  7. Let the skirt hang for 24+ hours to get an even hem.
  8. Hem the skirt!
  9. Wear it over and over again…
  10. T.W.I.R.L!!!
Maxi circle skirt tutorial from Skirt Fixation

That’s it! Any questions?

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