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How to Make a Skirt from a Pants Pattern

Seaforth SKIRT tutorial from Skirt Fixation

When Hey June Patterns released their Seaforth Pants pattern, we could tell in one glance that it was an amazingly comfortable and cute pattern.  But you know the deal around here…we LOVE skirts!  So we set about changing that pattern to suit us.  Today we’ll show you how to make a skirt from a pants pattern.  This skirts an a-line shape, but we do have a tutorial for how to make a skirt from a pants pattern with a more fitted shape here.

Skirt from a Pants Pattern step 1: Plan

Examine your pattern closely.  You’re going to need to find the hip point or line on the pants pattern pieces.  Take into consideration if there are pockets, and a waistband.  If you have pockets, you will want to start making your skirt below the bottom of the pocket so you can keep the original shape of the pants side seam that most likely matches the pocket pattern pieces.  If the hip line is not marked on the pattern pieces and you have to find it by holding the pattern piece up to you, this is where you need to take into consideration if there is a waistband or not.  You will also need a skirt that fits you well or you like the shape of it.

Seaforth SKIRT tutorial from Skirt Fixation

Skirt from a Pants Pattern step 2: Cut

Lay out your fabric folded in half.  Lay the pants pattern pieces on the fabric with the crotch/inseam/center front or back side along the selvedge edges of the fabric.  Parts of the crotch curve will extend past the edge of the fabric.  Fold the pattern pieces out of the way at the hip line or the bottom of the pockets as you won’t need anything below that point.  In the photo above, you can see that I laid out the pants pattern pieces and on top of them I’ve laid out a skirt that I wanted to copy the shape.  I laid the hip point of the skirt on the pants pattern piece where I’d marked the hip line.  Above the hip point, I cut the pants pattern pieces, and below that point I cut the shape of the skirt making sure to add a seam allowance.

Note: if you are starting your skirt shape below the pocket on the outseam, just start following the skirt shape after that point on the pants pattern piece.

Skirt from a Pants Pattern step 3: Sew

Now is the easy part!  Because a skirt is much easier to sew than pants, you can skip all the parts in the instructions about sewing pants (crotch, inseam, separate legs, etc.) and just use them for the waistband and pockets parts.

Seaforth SKIRT tutorial from Skirt Fixation

Again, we used the Seaforth Pants pattern to make this linen skirt.

And for the fabric on this delightful skirt, we used Kaufman Brussels Washer Linen Blend in Moss.  It’s really a new favorite and gets worn all the time!!

Seaforth SKIRT tutorial from Skirt Fixation

The pockets on this pattern are so unique!  There are the two diagonal zipper front pockets to keep your stuff secure.

Seaforth SKIRT tutorial from Skirt Fixation 

On the back, the pockets are huge!  And yes, they’re big enough to hold a cell phone.

Seaforth SKIRT tutorial from Skirt Fixation

Here’s a side view to show just how great this skirt is.  It has just the right amount of space for walking or chasing kids, but not so much that it gathers between your legs when trying to chase said herd of children…

Seaforth SKIRT tutorial from Skirt Fixation

And you may have noticed that I had to make a shirt to coordinate with this awesome skirt?  It’s from my Make 9 in 2020 plans.

Top Pattern: Willamette Shirt by Hey June Patterns

Top fabric: cotton voile “Winged Aves Chatter” in dim designed by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics

Seaforth SKIRT tutorial from Skirt Fixation

The Willamette Shirt is one that I grab from the closet on a weekly basis!  And now that I have 3 it doesn’t look like I’m wearing the same thing all the time.

Seaforth SKIRT tutorial from Skirt Fixation

I’d like to take a second to brag on my pattern matching skills.  It took me almost as long to match the birds on the pocket as it did to sew the rest of the shirt!  But it’s the little geeky details like that which fill me up and make me so glad I can sew.

Seaforth SKIRT tutorial from Skirt Fixation

Even though I’d already used this fabric for the lining of this cape for Annie, I had a rectangle large enough left over to make an elastic waisted skirt for Tina.  She is so excited when I sew matching things for her!

Seaforth SKIRT tutorial from Skirt Fixation

Side note from the farm here, we’re standing in our green been tunnel!  We planted runner beans at the bottom of cattle panel hoops and they have made the most delightful green tunnel where you can enter and harvest to your heart’s content.

Affiliate links are used in this post to items we really use and love.  This means if you click on one of our affiliate links, we might make a few pennies at no extra cost to you.  Thanks for supporting our small sewing business!

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