Lyric Dress Review

Lyric Dress review by Skirt Fixation

When the most gorgeous fabric meets the perfect pattern, you can almost hear the heralds singing, right?  We got a chance to work with some Portuguese Pinstripe Stretch Suiting Grey Dress Fabric from Minerva.  This fabric has with just a tiny bit of stretch, which makes the finished dress absolutely delightful to wear…so I’m told.

Lyric Dress Review by Skirt Fixation

First of all the fabric.  This fabric is an absolute delight to work with.  It does not shift, isn’t slippery, and the pinstripes make it easy to keep the pattern pieces lined up on the grain.  You can really tell this is a high quality fabric when working with it.  

Lyric Dress review by Skirt Fixation

This fabric sort of feels brushed on the right side.  It’s SO soft!  Overall, it is such an amazing fabric, and we actually have enough left after sewing this dress for my daughter to make a little something more…which I’m really looking forward to!

Lyric Dress review by Skirt Fixation

The dress is the Lyric Dress from Love Notions.  Through multiple fittings, we were able to work out most of the fitting details, ending up with a beautifully tailored dress.  There are still a couple of adjustments we’ll make for next time, but this version has already been worn multiple times, with no end in sight!

Lyric Dress review by Skirt Fixation

This pattern allows for very professional finishing on the inside.  We used pink bias tape for inside the neckline, and it gives the dress just the right pop in the inside.  My daughter picked out the buttons herself, and up close they are VERY lovely with a delicate little flower detail.

Lyric Dress review by Skirt Fixation

We made the non gathered skirt version of the Lyric Dress.  And of course we included pockets!  They are a subtle detail on this pattern that make it rise above other dress patterns.

Lyric Dress review by Skirt Fixation

My daughter styled this Lyric dress with dark hose and vintage heels.  It’s such a lovely look!  The whole combination looks very professional, and is very suitable for her work.

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