PERFECT College Sewing Kit

Perfect college sewing kit by Skirt Fixation

Even though I’m not old enough to have a kid (or two!) in college, I do.  And like any good sewing blogger mom would do, I wanted to send a sewing kit with them to college.  But as I got looking around at different kids, I found them all to be lacking certain things, and containing unnecessary items.  Not to mention the poor quality materials used!  So I created the perfect college sewing kit, and decided to post what I included so you can make one too!  (Not that you’re old enough to have a kid in college either…)

Perfect college sewing kit by Skirt Fixation

Let’s break it down from the top to the bottom.  In college, space is at a premium, so that was most of the idea behind making this kit.  The best quality items in the least space possible.  I’ve linked to all my sources, and with all these things, you would be able to make up at least 2-3 perfect college sewing kits.

Storage Container

First of all, the container.  After tons of research, I settled on a 2 Pcs Organizer Container Boxes, Plastic Adjustable Jewelry Box with 15 Grids  That way you can customize the box as much as you are customizing the sewing kit.  Alright, let’s get started filling that storage box.


Did I ever tell you about the time I received a sewing kit as a gift and the pins were those actual thick T-shaped pins that one uses for dissecting in high school biology?!?!?!  Lol…these Pearlized Ball Head Pins are will definitely work better than that.


A genius hack I settled on for thread in the sewing kit is using bobbins.  I actually hand wound some old bobbins I had that didn’t fit in my current machine, but here are some pre-wound bobbins in all the basic colors.

Fabric Glue

Now as one of my college students is a male and most likely lacks basic sewing skills (I promise I taught him how to sew on a button, but beyond that…) I thought fabric glue was a MUST.

Measuring Tape

A flexible measuring tape is a must for a college student.  They’ll use it for all sorts of non-sewing things too…


These little snips are so handy and compact, and work better than a scissors in building the perfect college sewing kit.

Seam Ripper

What sewing kit would be complete without a seam ripper?  That’s just a part of sewing (and repairing clothes which is what a college student would use their kit for the most.

Fabric Marking Pencil

These little fabric marking pencils come in so handy and are again, super compact.


Forget the flimsy kind, these sew on snaps are going to be super sturdy and keep things together.


This 1/4″ elastic should work for so many situations that a college student might run into.


Hand sewing needles in several different lengths, and most importantly, with BIG eyes for threading!

Needle Threader

To take pity on my son in college with especially large fingers, I included a needle threader in his perfect college sewing kit.


A rubble thimble is a must in a sewing kit…See notes above about my college son’s (in)ability to sew!

Safety Pins

In that same quirky sewing kit I received as a gift, there were some quilting sewing pins…not exactly necessary in a sewing kit for a college student, right?  These assorted safety pins will work perfectly…and no sewing necessary!  😉


The final item in the perfect college sewing kit is a selection of buttons.  Obvious thing to include, right?  But most sewing kits don’t include them!

Perfect college sewing kit created by Skirt Fixation

Alright, there you have my essential (good quality) items to make up the perfect college sewing kit!  Did I miss anything?  What would you include in a sewing kit for a college student?


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