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Fitted Knit Dress

We sewed another fitted knit dress, the Charleston Dress.

Next up, the pattern.  This is the Charleston Dress by Hey June Patterns.  We sewed view B with the fitted skirt.  And we used the short sleeves.  

This is the 2nd time I’ve made this pattern for my daughter, so all the fitting work had been done and it was relatively easy to sew.  (Actually, spoiler alert, I was so confident in the fit that I sewed two at one time!  See the other one over at Minerva.)

Now more about the fabric. I’m not actually sure where we got this fabric from! It’s been sitting in the stash for quite some time…waiting for me to make this exact Charleston Dress. It’s either a double knit or a ponte de roma I think.

One really awesome thing about this fabric/pattern pairing is the vertical stripes!  On a pattern like the Charleston, with this many seam lines, they really accentuate curves!  Which is a super attractive look.  I really like how they weave in and out of the seam lines, did you notice it too?

My daughter has a beautiful figure, but (like most people) doesn’t fit into dresses off the rack.  So she loves when I sew her a dress especially for her figure.  She said she feels so confident when she wears these dresses!  She works at a bank, so has been needing a “banker” wardrobe.

Sewing two garments at a time has sort of become common practice. It’s almost as easy, doesn’t take too much additional time, and the benefits are obvious…two garments! Here’s a sneak peek at the other Charleston Dress:

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