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Rayon Challis Amalifi Dress with no waist seam

The Amalfi Dress from Hey June Patterns doesn’t seem to get sewn as often as some of the other Hey June Patterns. In my opinion, a lot of people overlook the Amalfi pattern thinking the silhouette isn’t for them, so hopefully after seeing this version of the Amalfi, you’ll give it another look.

Basically all I did was to eliminate the waist seam by overlapping the top and skirt pattern pieces. But if you’d like a complete tutorial and illustration, please head over to Hey June Handmade.

The moment I saw this stunning rayon challis fabric from CaliFabrics, I knew it needed to be something special! It’s a border print rayon challis, but the front side is so soft, I’d almost call it a rayon sateen. It has the perfect amount of drape to ripple along side you for a walk along a pier at sunset. I just have to pause here and note that my sweet oldest daughters helped me put together this outfit. Aria lent me her hat, and Allegra her shoes!

This stunning fabric is a very large floral border print. I actually cut it out perpendicular to the recommended layout to maximize the print down the front of the dress.

The reason I needed a special dress was for our 25th wedding anniversary trip to Florida! (Side note: great advice on traveling without kids here.) And it was very special to have a new, statement dress for the occasion.

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