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Hols Shirt pattern review

There’s only 2 patterns that we sewed from the Project Happy Holidays pattern collection! The next one we’re sharing is the Hols Shirt pattern. If you’ve been around here any time at all, you know how much we love sewing button up shirts!

Hols Shirt pattern sewn and reviewed by Skirt Fixation

The Hols Dress Shirt is your solution to event dressing this holiday season! For recitals, candlelight ceremonies, gatherings, and feasts. Keep it simple with a classic dress shirt, or add feminine details like rounded collar and ruffles on the button placket.  Optional chest pocket and straight or curved waist.

Things we love about this pattern: All the details of a button up shirt and super great instructions for a perfect result every time! We used some soft mid weigh cotton poplin from CaliFabrics and it is the PERFECT fabric for this. It’s from a high end fabric manufacturer, and we are so amazed at it’s quality!

As you can see, this Hols Shirt fits both my boys! They are the same size around, just slightly different in height. We paired the Hols Shirt with the Fete Trousers, and we’ll share our thoughts on that pattern next.

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