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Canvas Jacket

Yes, this little jacket is just as huggable as it looks! Canvas on the outside and super soft sherpa on the inside makes for the warmest, most cozy jacket ever.

I started with some really beautiful cotton canvas by Art Gallery Fabrics from Minerva. It is very supple and easy to work with for projects. But yet it has plenty of structure to support those large buttons and button holes.

The edges of this canvas will fray if they are not finished, but that’s all the more reason to choose a good quality pattern that instructs you properly. This is the Woodland Wanderer Coat pattern from Project Run & Play. All the raw edges are completely enclosed, so no worries about fraying.

Because I have worked with this good quality canvas fabric in the past, I can confidently claim that this little canvas jacket will hold up to all the wear and tear that my 2 year old will put it through. Plus, the whole thing is washable, so when (not if) he gets it dirty, into the washing machine it goes!

The overall construction of this pattern is quite easy, and went quite smoothly due to the high quality of the fabric. If you look at the photos, you can see how supple this canvas is, especially on the arms of the canvas jacket where it is bunching. There is absolutely no stiffness at all, and I really want to make something for myself from Art Gallery Fabric canvas now!

The sherpa fabric I used had a little stretch to it, but because the canvas is so stable, the finished jacket holds its shape beautifully. I love the little contrasting peep of sherpa at the hood and cuffs.

For sewing this canvas jacket, I just used a regular/all purpose needle, and even through all layers, it was sufficient. No heavy duty needle was required. 

The only change I made to the pattern (besides eliminating the pocket for simplicity) was to make it look double breasted by adding 2 rows of buttons. But SURPRISE! only the top button is functional in the 2nd column of buttons! The others are just decorative, which makes buttoning up a wiggly toddler much easier.

As you can see, this is not the only item I sewed for my kids, yes that canvas really inspired 2 whole outfits! Stay tuned for more details on the rest of their clothes…


Coat pattern: Woodland Wanderer Coat pattern from Project Run & Play

Coat main fabric: Overshot Haze cotton canvas by Art Gallery Fabrics

Coat lining fabric: Ivory sherpa fabric

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Audrey, a mom of 9, sews and blogs at Skirt Fixation, your home for everything skirt related! There's lots of other sewing goodness too...after all can't leave the boys out of sewing adventures! She also designs and sells pattern through Project Run & Play.

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