Lane Raglan Sweatshirt with 3 Piece Hood

Oh hi there!  It seems like I’m back with another favorite top.  This is probably going to shock you (sarcasm) but I used a Hey June pattern and the best fabric I could find!  This one came about because I bought myself some really nice fabric as a reward for finishing up a job wellContinue reading “Lane Raglan Sweatshirt with 3 Piece Hood”

Giving the Sheridan Sweater a Second Chance

Want to hear my confession?  I sewed up 2 Sheridan Sweaters at the beginning of last year.  Aria’s was made from black sweater knit and mine was made from french terry.  She wore hers so much that it’s completely threadbare, and she’d requested another one.  I’d worn mine once.  Since our sizes and styles aren’tContinue reading “Giving the Sheridan Sweater a Second Chance”

Lyric Dress Review

When the most gorgeous fabric meets the perfect pattern, you can almost hear the heralds singing, right?  We got a chance to work with some Portuguese Pinstripe Stretch Suiting Grey Dress Fabric from Minerva.  This fabric has with just a tiny bit of stretch, which makes the finished dress absolutely delightful to wear…so I’m told.Continue reading “Lyric Dress Review”

Sewing Peter Pan Inspired Clothes

Today we’re going to share the final result of our sewing for the Peter Pan inspired look. We sewed 11 pieces of clothes for kids inspired by the Peter Pan story.  Whenever I’m preparing for a big event like this when I’m going to collaborate with a photographer, I begin by creating a Pinterest boardContinue reading “Sewing Peter Pan Inspired Clothes”

Urban Jungle Dolls from Project Lounge Library

For our Peter Pan photoshoot, we sewed up 4 of the Urban Jungle Dolls!  Well actually, ANNIE sewed all 4 of them with only a little bit of help. Annie decided to take on this project as a fun gift to her siblings!  She chose animals specifically for each sibling, and what would work forContinue reading “Urban Jungle Dolls from Project Lounge Library”

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