Skirt FACTsination – The Hobble Skirt

This week’s Skirt FACTsination post is about the hobble skirt.  In 1908, Wilbur and Orville Wright decided to ask a woman by the name of Mrs. Berg to be the first female airplane passenger.  She accepted.  As the machine roared, her skirt flapped in the wind, almost being torn to threads by the turbulence.  OneContinue reading “Skirt FACTsination – The Hobble Skirt”

Mossimo Supply Co. Skirt Remake – Flat to Fabulous

On this skirt remake, I started with a ‘Mossimo Supply Co.’ skirt in brown, tan, and white. There were two big pockets, which I totally LOVED, but they kind of got lost in the skirt and the decorative ties for the pockets were major BLAH!!! The ties were made of some kind of cloth fabrickyContinue reading “Mossimo Supply Co. Skirt Remake – Flat to Fabulous”

Aqua Blue Skirt Remake – Languid to Lovely

Today we started with two skirts and combined them to make an awesome fashion statement.  The first skirt was a khaki mini skirt with rear zip pockets.  Nothing really wrong with it, except it was just a tad too loose in the waist.  We picked it up at a second hand store for $2.00. OurContinue reading “Aqua Blue Skirt Remake – Languid to Lovely”

Abercrombie Mini Skirt Makeover – Short to Shining

Today, we have a skirt refashion for you that will knock your socks off!  We found a super cute mini skirt by Abercrombie at Salvation Army for $2.00.  Can’t beat that!  The problem wasn’t the price or the fantastic details, it was the length.  When you are 6 feet tall with a 36″ inseam, yourContinue reading “Abercrombie Mini Skirt Makeover – Short to Shining”

Ann Taylor LOFT skirt remake – Fine to Fetching

For today’s skirt refashion, we started with two thrifted skirts.  Skirt number 1: A cute Ann Taylor Loft selection, just a little too short and plain for our taste. Cost $2.00 We also found a skirt in the girl’s section in the exact same shade of lime green! Fine also, just fine, but nuthin’ special…yet. Continue reading “Ann Taylor LOFT skirt remake – Fine to Fetching”

Brown Dot Skirt – Meh to Marvelous!

For this cute skirt refashion we started with a cute brown skirt with a ribbon belt.  It was a gift from a friend, so as we possessed it already, no cost! Really cute, right?  So what was the problem?  Well, due to fact she has a 6-foot tall mother, Aria had outgrown this skirt lengthwiseContinue reading “Brown Dot Skirt – Meh to Marvelous!”

Mermaid Skirt Remake – Oofda to Oooh La La!

For this stunning skirt refashion we started with 2 pieces that had great bones, but could use some pick-me-up.  We started with a plain denim mini.  Plain, but with potential for so much more! Cost $2.50 Next we found a blue polka dot skirt with colors that popped…a few sizes too large. Cost $2.00 ThatContinue reading “Mermaid Skirt Remake – Oofda to Oooh La La!”

Skirt FACTsination: The Poodle Skirt

Once there was a young lady named Juli Lynne Charlot, who had nothing to wear to a Christmas party. With little time to spare, and not knowing how to sew, Juli took some castoff felt from her mother’s factory and cut out a large circle. In the middle of this large circle she cut aContinue reading “Skirt FACTsination: The Poodle Skirt”

American Eagle Mini Skirt Ragged to Ravishing!

For this fantastic skirt fix, we started with 2 pieces that had a lot of potential, but didn’t work on their own.  First off, there was the American Eagle green mini skirt.  It was in great shape except for the hem, which had seen better days.  We paid $2.50 for it. The next item weContinue reading “American Eagle Mini Skirt Ragged to Ravishing!”

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