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Josephine Blouse Design Details

We promised to tell you all about the design details and process as we made the Josephine blouse.  (Voting is still open, so please click through and vote for us!)  If you didn’t get a chance to see the beginning pattern, here is a picture. As we mentioned in our previous post, our favorite aspectsContinue reading “Josephine Blouse Design Details”

Girl’s Josephine Blouse and Dress Modified Outfit

We are so pleased to present you our version of the Josephine blouse pattern by Violet Fields Threads. We started with the Josephine blouse and dress pattern because we were inspired by Frances & Suzanne’s Flip this Pattern contest.  The contestants are sewing some amazing creations, and we wanted to sew along.  The things weContinue reading “Girl’s Josephine Blouse and Dress Modified Outfit”

T-shirt Dress Outfit

Today is our final Project Run & Play sew along submission.  The theme was Signature Style, and we incorporated some of each of our signature style into the final product, a t-shirt dress outfit.  If you’ve read our About Us page, you know that Allegra’s special signature talent is embroidery.  A favorite adopted aunt taughtContinue reading “T-shirt Dress Outfit”

Child’s Leather Jacket Made from a Leather Skirt!

Today, we have a very fun refashion for you.  We spent all last week thinking about what we were going to do for our week three submission to Project Run & Play.  We tossed ideas around, browsed thrift stores for inspiration, and looked through our stash.  You see the theme is “The Refashion Challenge” andContinue reading “Child’s Leather Jacket Made from a Leather Skirt!”

German Gretl Costume from The Sound of Music

Today we have a doozy of a refashion for you!  We spent all last week thinking about what we would make for today’s post.  You see two of our favorite places on the web we go to for inspiration on children’s clothing are holding contests that we are sewing along with.  And we wanted toContinue reading “German Gretl Costume from The Sound of Music”

Sweater to Skirt Refashion Tutorial

For today’s post we are so excited to finally have tried something we’ve been contemplating for a long time…a sweater to skirt refashion. Sweater skirts are really in right now, as we posted about recently in a Skirt Alert! Post.. So we had an idea about how to make a sweater to skirt refashion inContinue reading “Sweater to Skirt Refashion Tutorial”

Last Minute Costume Ideas – Skirt Costume Theme Week

Do you need some last minute costume ideas for girls?  Never fear, Skirt Fixation is here!  We have two great ideas for you that are fast, easy, FREE, and fun!  No one will know you threw them together at the last minute, and will spend hours and hours trying to copy your look next timeContinue reading “Last Minute Costume Ideas – Skirt Costume Theme Week”

DIY Ballerina Costume & German Girl Costume – Skirt Costume Theme Week

Okay, so chances are if you have a little girl to outfit for a costume, chances are she’s going to want to be a ballerina or some variation thereof (ballerina fairy, dancing princess, etc.!)  Well, the great news is that a ballerina costume is very easy to put together, and cheap with no sewing requiredContinue reading “DIY Ballerina Costume & German Girl Costume – Skirt Costume Theme Week”

Skirt Costumes Theme Week – Free Girl Costume Ideas

This week is Skirt Costume Week!  At Skirt Fixation, we’ve been known to throw themed costume parties any time of year!  There was the November Egyptian Feast, the Victorian Tea Party in March (you should have seen the awesome hats!) and the Medieval Feast in September.  One Dad came dressed as a knight!  We knowContinue reading “Skirt Costumes Theme Week – Free Girl Costume Ideas”

Denim Mini Refashion – Washed out to Wonderful!

We are so delighted with today’s refashion!  It’s simply scrumptious!  But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here, so we’ll back up to the beginning.  We started with a denim mini by Hartstrings.  We picked it up at Goodwill on back to school sale week in the kids department, so ended up paying all of $1!Continue reading “Denim Mini Refashion – Washed out to Wonderful!”