Dorothy’s Wizard of Oz Dress – Hideous to Happening!

We had so much fun with today’s refashion!  We started with a denim mini by TILT that we found at a thrift shop named Shelly’s Boutique. We are very indebted to Shelly’s Boutique because she supported what we’re doing, and it happened to be an end of summer sale, so we picked up this little cutieContinue reading “Dorothy’s Wizard of Oz Dress – Hideous to Happening!”

Black & White Thrift Store Skirt Refashion – Pathetic to Purple Perfection

We picked up this little black & white floral number at a thrift store for $2.00.  It was cute on its own, but when Aria tried it on she felt it was rather pathetic!  See this post for a reminder on why she and her legs don’t like above-the-knee skirts!  But she loved the fit ofContinue reading “Black & White Thrift Store Skirt Refashion – Pathetic to Purple Perfection”

Old Navy blue linen skirt – Alright to Awesome!

For today’s skirt refashion we started with 2 great skirts we thought we could improve on!  First skirt, a linen Old Navy number. It was just alright!  It was a tad too big, and there was some cute embroidery around the bottom, which wasn’t working for Aria, but we are saving it for another refashion! Continue reading “Old Navy blue linen skirt – Alright to Awesome!”

Aqua Blue Skirt Remake – Languid to Lovely

Today we started with two skirts and combined them to make an awesome fashion statement.  The first skirt was a khaki mini skirt with rear zip pockets.  Nothing really wrong with it, except it was just a tad too loose in the waist.  We picked it up at a second hand store for $2.00. OurContinue reading “Aqua Blue Skirt Remake – Languid to Lovely”

Brown Dot Skirt – Meh to Marvelous!

For this cute skirt refashion we started with a cute brown skirt with a ribbon belt.  It was a gift from a friend, so as we possessed it already, no cost! Really cute, right?  So what was the problem?  Well, due to fact she has a 6-foot tall mother, Aria had outgrown this skirt lengthwiseContinue reading “Brown Dot Skirt – Meh to Marvelous!”

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