Double Layer Ruffle Skirt Pattern Review

The Double Layer Ruffle Skirt from Jocole is another skirt with limitless possibilities!  With three places to mix and match fabrics, there are so many different looks you could make.   Plain on top with a patterned fabric underneath.  Floral on top and bottom.  Plain on top and bottom with patterned fabric in the middleContinue reading “Double Layer Ruffle Skirt Pattern Review”

Drop & Twirl Circle Skirt Review

There isn’t a more fun skirt to wear than a circle skirt!  Seriously.  This week we present you the Drop & Twirl Circle Skirt from Jocole Patterns. If you search on the internet, you will find literally hundreds of free tutorials for circle skirts, so why should you buy this pattern?  Well, Jocole has takenContinue reading “Drop & Twirl Circle Skirt Review”

Ruffle Skirt Review

Today we have a free pattern, a refashion and the next skirt for All The Skirts: Jocole and Urban Sew all wrapped up in one sweet little package!  We usually say this about everything we make, but we think this is probably the cutest outfit we’ve made yet!  Let’s take them in order from topContinue reading “Ruffle Skirt Review”

Girl’s Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirt Review

Maxi skirts on little girls are about as cute as it gets!  It’s sort of like mini me.  Cuteness from head to toe!  This is the Jocole Yoga A-line Skirt in the maxi length for girls.  And the girl’s Yoga A-line Skirt has so many options…true to form for a Jocole pattern.  There are 12Continue reading “Girl’s Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirt Review”

Bouncing Bubble Skirt Review

Serendipity.  When 2 things combine and make one perfect combination, that’s serendipity. Jocole Bouncing Bubble skirt pattern and Urban Sew’s Wee Wander fabric. Project Run & Play’s bubble tutorial sew along and the Jocole Bouncing Bubble skirt pattern. Floating bubbles and flitting fireflies.  Serendipity!  We ended up making 5 pieces for our final look.  TheContinue reading “Bouncing Bubble Skirt Review”

Orchid Pattern Review

The second of the Clever Charlotte skirt patterns is the Orchid Pattern.  This skirt (and blouse) pattern delight, as usual!  The Mabel Madison corduroy we received for this pattern has such a vintage vibe to it, echoing the vintage feel of the Orchid pattern.  Let’s start our Orchid pattern review with the skirt! We receivedContinue reading “Orchid Pattern Review”

Uptown Downtown Dress Review

We are delighted to be part of Sew Straight & Gather’s Uptown/Downtown Dress blog tour.  Terri was one of our Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition contestants.  The Uptown/Downtown Dress with the free Expansion pack can be described in one word: perfection!  When we saw Terri unfolding the free expansion pack day by day, we commentedContinue reading “Uptown Downtown Dress Review”

Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirt Review

If you’ve just arrived here on the Jocole Blog Tour, Hi and Welcome! We are so delighted to have the opportunity to make the Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirt.  I think this is my favorite skirt I’ve ever made in all the skirts I’ve made in my lifetime! And to think I came so close toContinue reading “Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirt Review”

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