3 Knit Skirts for a Toddler

Is there anything cuter than a toddler in a skirt? We couldn’t think of anything either! However, a skirt on a toddler is not quite the most practical thing in the world, so today we’re sharing 3 knit skirts we sewed for our toddler girl and how we made them VERY practical. These skirts areContinue reading “3 Knit Skirts for a Toddler”

Indigo Dress Review

The next pattern we’d like to review from Project Street Style is the Indigo Dress. Let’s pause a moment and let our star get ready… It’s the Indigo Dress designed by Jennuine Design for Project Run & Play. We’ve loved every pattern we’ve sewn designed by Jenn, and the Indigo Dress pattern didn’t let usContinue reading “Indigo Dress Review”

Introducing the Stoplight Skirt

Meet my newest pattern, the Stoplight Skirt! I designed this skirt for the Project Street Style pattern collection with Project Run & Play. It’s making all my girls’ skirt dreams come true! The Stoplight Skirt offers 3 views: Full Stop maxi, She’s A Caution midi, and Girl on the Go pencil skirt. Perfect for everyContinue reading “Introducing the Stoplight Skirt”

French Terry Up Beet Dress

It’s finally time (okay overdue!) to share modeled photos of our Burgundy, Mustard and Pink capsule wardrobe. It’s just that this busy mom only has so many hours in a day, and between Outnumbered the Podcast, Project Run & Play and everything that being a mom to 9 kids entails, blogging somehow slips through theContinue reading “French Terry Up Beet Dress”

Butterfly Polina Dress

As promised, we’re sharing more about the Polina Dress we sewed for the Burgundy, Mustard & Pink 2 year old capsule wardrobe.   This is such a fun dress pattern, but we needed it to have sleeves for modesty reasons.  You can see how we made the Polina Dress (Peplum!) have sleeves the last timeContinue reading “Butterfly Polina Dress”

2 Risu Dresses

The final garment I sewed for the Project Nature Adventure collection is a Risu Dress using Tide Pools double brushed poly fabric. This fun combination creates a really cute dress. Before I used my good fabric, I had to test this pattern with some scrap fabric. I grabbed some double brushed poly from the stash,Continue reading “2 Risu Dresses”

Wildflower Surprise D’anjou Dress

Probably the cutest garment in the Forest Friends story is the D’anjou Dress made using the Wildflower Surprise cotton poplin fabric. It’s just such a cute combination of fabric, pattern and girl! Wildflower Surprise is a super fun fabric. Among the wildflowers, cute insects hide and dandelion “wishes” float throughout. Cotton poplin is similar toContinue reading “Wildflower Surprise D’anjou Dress”

Adventure Mapped Cotton Jersey Fabric

The next fabric we’d like to share is the Adventure Mapped cotton jersey fabric. We used this to make 2 garments, and they’ve become very fast favorites around here. Adventure Mapped is the main print from the Project Nature Adventure fabric collection. It has elements of all of the other designers fabrics in it, andContinue reading “Adventure Mapped Cotton Jersey Fabric”

3 Boys in Mountain T-shirts

Have you listened to this week’s podcast? Episode 23 is about toy management…and where there are kids, there are toys to be managed! Listen to it here. More boys in t-shirts, just like last week!  But hey, boys in t-shirts are a very real thing around here!  And now that there’s a new boy, thereContinue reading “3 Boys in Mountain T-shirts”

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