Project Watercolor Beach: Viridian Swimsuit Pattern

You might have guessed, but we’ll say it again, we LOVE sewing swimwear!  The ability to customize a swimsuit to your body and your taste holds incomparable value.  So we were delighted to see not one, not two, but three swimwear patterns in the Project Watercolor Beach collection! Special thanks to Kalli June Photographyfor theContinue reading “Project Watercolor Beach: Viridian Swimsuit Pattern”

Introducing the Stoplight Skirt

Meet my newest pattern, the Stoplight Skirt! I designed this skirt for the Project Street Style pattern collection with Project Run & Play. It’s making all my girls’ skirt dreams come true! The Stoplight Skirt offers 3 views: Full Stop maxi, She’s A Caution midi, and Girl on the Go pencil skirt. Perfect for everyContinue reading “Introducing the Stoplight Skirt”

Banana Boat Tee & Soleil Skirt

The next patterns I sewed for Project Farmer’s Market are the Banana Boat Tee and the Soleil Skirt patterns.  These are two really fantastic patterns, and I sewed them up for Annie. Read about the D’Anjou Dress from this capsule wardrobe collection here. The Banana Boat Tee can be sewn in sizes 18m – 10. Continue reading “Banana Boat Tee & Soleil Skirt”

Funny DIY Homeschool T-shirts with the Cricut EasyPress 2

Today we have a fun post for you and a tutorial on how to make your own funny DIY homeschool t-shirts.   Homeschoolers often get taken very seriously, but really, they can be a fun and funny group of kids.  They have probably been asked all the same questions over and over again many times,Continue reading “Funny DIY Homeschool T-shirts with the Cricut EasyPress 2”

Sew the Rainbow

Earlier this summer, I did a bunch of kid sewing that I never shared here!  The inspiration was from the Project Run & Play Sew The Rainbow themed weeks.  (Please go check out Project Run & Play, it’s an online children’s sewing event that I am privileged to lead, and there are some fantastic thingsContinue reading “Sew the Rainbow”

Giant List of Denim Patterns, Classes and Tutorials

Welcome to Day 3 of Denim Week!  Today we cover 55+ patterns, classes and tutorials specifically designed for use with denim fabric.  We’ve grouped them into patterns for women, men, girls, boys, and classes & tutorials.  While there are lots of pattern you can use denim fabric for, we’re only including ones specifically designed forContinue reading “Giant List of Denim Patterns, Classes and Tutorials”

French Terry Comparison

Today I’m going to walk you through a french terry comparison of 2 different fabrics. For purposes of this comparison, I sewed 2 similar items (a hoodie for a boy) so they are comparable for you to observe. Some of the differences are slight, and some are quite noticeable. The 2 french terry fabrics areContinue reading “French Terry Comparison”

Grace Tankini Testers

Every PDF pattern needs to be tested before it can be released for sale.  The ladies who agreed to test the Grace Tankini were the best of the best!  The reason the pattern is not good, but great is thanks to these ladies!  Just check out some of the tester’s Grace Tankinis: Emily from ReplicateContinue reading “Grace Tankini Testers”

Sewing for Tweens – Pattern Choices

Today we’re going to share some things we’ve learned about sewing for tweens.  We’re going to focus on pattern choices; what’s available, what they’ll wear!  You can also check out our thoughts on fabric choices over at the Cali Fabrics blog, later next week. We’re joining the Growing Up Handmade blog tour.  It’s all aboutContinue reading “Sewing for Tweens – Pattern Choices”

Fiesta Fun, Fun, Fun!

Today we get to show you all the fun we’ve had with Fiesta Fun fabrics.  Put on some sunglasses and prepare yourselves for the party! Recently we got the exciting privilege of using some Fiesta Fun fabric designed by Dana Willard of Made Everyday for Art Gallery Fabrics.  Today is our stop on the FiestaContinue reading “Fiesta Fun, Fun, Fun!”

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