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DIY Pleated Yoke Shirt Tutorial

Well this is embarrassing.  Apparently I never shared my final Hey June June garment I sewed!  But it’s really too good to just let go, so let’s all pretend like it’s not 3 months overdue. The final garment I sewed for Hey June June is the Phoenix Blouse.  The yoke on this Blouse is aContinue reading “DIY Pleated Yoke Shirt Tutorial”

Hey June Patterns for Pregnancy

Today I have a fun list of Hey June patterns that work well for each trimester of pregnancy, as well as some that are breastfeeding friendly. Also, I’m super excited about the tutorial I wrote and linked to for making these bottom patterns work for pregnancy, so please click over and check it out onContinue reading “Hey June Patterns for Pregnancy”

Maternity Jacket Refashion

For several pregnancies now, I’ve had a terrible secret!  Each of these pregnancies were in the winter, but I didn’t have a maternity jacket.  Well, I had one, but it didn’t fit my tall frame and mostly my long arms.  I decided it was just better to be cold than to fight with sleeves thatContinue reading “Maternity Jacket Refashion”

Infinity Maternity Dress

Recently I had the opportunity to help test the Infinity Maternity Dress sewing pattern.  This pattern will be released next week from Maternity Sewing.  (You can find the pattern here.)  This dress has Infinity in it’s name due to the multitude of ways to wear the straps.   I chose to make the longest maxi versionContinue reading “Infinity Maternity Dress”

Runway Skirt Blog Tour Day 4

I am so excited about today’s stops on the Runway Skirt blog tour!  You can find the giveaway at the end of this post. First up we have Scary from Shaffer Sisters.  I absolutely adore the Shaffer Sisters blog and can’t wait to see more of Scary’s Runway Skirt.  Click on the picture to seeContinue reading “Runway Skirt Blog Tour Day 4”

Maternity Lane Raglan

Halfway there is a good time to make an announcement, right?  After I finished sewing the Wild Things vests, Aria kept telling me I needed to take a break and sew something for myself before I started my next difficult project (sewing jeans for my boys: follow along on Instagram to see my progress.)  HowContinue reading “Maternity Lane Raglan”

Erin Maternity Skirt {All The Skirts: Megan Nielsen & Imagine Gnats}

Holli from Hello Holli is sharing with us the next Megan Nielsen skirt pattern.  Brace yourself for serious awwww factor! Hello Skirt Fixation readers! One fabulous thing about the ladies here reviewing ALL THE SKIRTS is that they can cover girls, teens, and women’s patterns. They’ve got it all covered! Except… maternity! So lucky me,Continue reading “Erin Maternity Skirt {All The Skirts: Megan Nielsen & Imagine Gnats}”

Maternity Maxi Skirt 5 Ways – Skirt Outfits

Today’s 5 Ways outfit post shows how you can stretch your maternity wardrobe (yes, the pun is intended!)  But since I only wear maternity clothes for less than a year, I don’t really have the desire to buy a whole new closet full of clothes.  In fact, by the time I give birth, I amContinue reading “Maternity Maxi Skirt 5 Ways – Skirt Outfits”

Maternity Skirt Refashion – Revealing Mini to Modest Maxi

Today we have an announcement.  A little announcement.  Or a very large announcement…depending on what side of the belly you are on!  We are going to have a new little arrival in the spring!  Allegra, Aria and Annie are crossing their fingers that it’s a girl because they want to sew little, tiny, cute, pinkContinue reading “Maternity Skirt Refashion – Revealing Mini to Modest Maxi”