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2 Lucerne Blouses

Lucerne Blouse, how we love thee!  The Lucerne Blouse is the newest pattern from Hey June Patterns.  It’s a loose fitting, woven top with several neckline and sleeve options.  Plus you can use the sleeves from a couple of other Hey June Patterns too, so the options are huge!  We sewed up 2 Lucerne BlousesContinue reading “2 Lucerne Blouses”

Double Brushed Poly Santa Fe Tops

The second pattern I sewed in honor of Hey June June is the Santa Fe Top.  I’ve made quite a few of these tops for a very good reason…they are so comfortable and flattering too.  You can find the sew along in my Instagram stories if you’re looking for help sewing the Santa Fe Top.Continue reading “Double Brushed Poly Santa Fe Tops”

Wednesday Willamette Shirt

As part of Hey June June, I sewed a Willamette Shirt.  The hosts and I have declared every Wednesday in June “Willamette Wednesday” and we’re wearing our Willamette Shirts.  The problem is that I only have one Willamette Shirt!  (See it here) Since I’m hosting a sew along every week of a different Hey JuneContinue reading “Wednesday Willamette Shirt”

Double brushed poly VS modal jersey

This is a comparison of 2 knit fabrics, double brushed poly and modal jersey. They have quite a few things in common, yet each fabric is unique. We hope you find our double brushed poly vs. modal jersey comparison helpful. Find our comparison of the fabrics rayon challis vs viscose poplin here. The modal jerseyContinue reading “Double brushed poly VS modal jersey”

7 DIY Skirt Outfit Ideas

Today we’re sharing 7 DIY skirt outfit ideas! Use these ideas as inspiration to get dressed in a skirt outfit today. Skirt Pattern: Sandbridge Skirt by Hey June Patterns Skirt Fabric: Cone Mills stretch denim Detailed back pocket instructions here. Shirt Pattern: Union St Tee by Hey June Patterns Shirt Fabric: Double brushed poly from CaliFabrics Shoes: Earth Sandals (similar here)Continue reading “7 DIY Skirt Outfit Ideas”

6 DIY Skirt Outfit Ideas

Today we’re sharing 6 DIY skirt outfit ideas! Use these ideas as inspiration to get dressed in a skirt outfit today. Skirt pattern: refashioned skirt (instructions here) Skirt fabric: embroidered corduroy from JoAnn Stores Shirt pattern: Union St Tee by Hey June Handmade Shirt fabric: Dana modal jersey in chocolate Shoes: (similar brown flat shoes)Continue reading “6 DIY Skirt Outfit Ideas”

Salida Skirt & Key Largo Top

Make 9 (outfits) update #2 My 2nd outfit from my Make 9 (Outfits) is complete!  I took advantage of the slow days prior to giving birth to work on some garments that would work well for early postpartum wear.  Just like my 1st complete Make 9 outfit, this one ended up with a change asContinue reading “Salida Skirt & Key Largo Top”

Make Nine Update #1

My 1st outfit from my Make 9 (Outfits) is complete!  I took the opportunity of an upcoming birth to make myself the most comfortable pajamas outfit for the postpartum days when I’ll be in bed recovering from giving birth.  In the past, I’ve never thought about a special outfit for this time, instead just grabbingContinue reading “Make Nine Update #1”

Basic Jalie Outfit #2680 & #2681

Maybe this doesn’t look so “basic” to you? Today we get to participate in a fun tour!  The Basically Jalie tour is full of basic inspiration and a fun sew along and of course lots of prizes.  We sewed a basic jacket and a not so basic skirt! For our first pattern, we chose theContinue reading “Basic Jalie Outfit #2680 & #2681”