Becky Skirt Pattern from Project Lounge Library

The next pattern we’re reviewing from the Project Lounge Library collection is the Becky Skirt.   The Becky Skirt is a girls pull on jersey skater skirt with elasticated waist.  This playful skirt is perfect for little girls to dance through the day in, no matter what their adventure.  So far we’ve just sewn one,Continue reading “Becky Skirt Pattern from Project Lounge Library”

Alice Top & Dress pattern from Project Lounge Library

The next pattern from the Project Lounge Library collection we sewed was the Alice Top & Dress pattern.  This delightful woven top and dress pattern has tons of options and was just right for our oldest model for this project, Annie. Special thanks to Kalli June Photography for the beautiful photography of my kids inContinue reading “Alice Top & Dress pattern from Project Lounge Library”

Novella Pattern from Project Lounge Library

The Novella Pinafore is such a fun little pattern!  We only sewed two of them so far, but have plans for more!  This pinafore has a vintage style, three different skirt options, and a front bib with a pocket.  Doesn’t get much better than that, right? We sewed a Novella Pinafore for Annie to wearContinue reading “Novella Pattern from Project Lounge Library”

Story Pattern from Project Lounge Library

The next pattern we sewed from Project Lounge Library is a winner for sure! The Story Pattern is a knit dress with a modern take on the dress that Anne Shirley dreamed of wearing: one with puffed sleeves.  In this house we LOVE Anne of Green Gables, and that just adds to the charm ofContinue reading “Story Pattern from Project Lounge Library”

Prose & Poetry Cargo Joggers & Skirt Pattern

The 2nd pattern Audrey designed for the Project Lounge Library collection is the Prose and Poetry Cargo Joggers & Skirt Pattern.  It’s a long moniker, but I think you’ll see how this pattern lives up to it’s name! Project Lounge Library is a collection of 11 garment patterns (and some awesome softie patterns too!) and 2Continue reading “Prose & Poetry Cargo Joggers & Skirt Pattern”

Bookish Beanie Pattern

We’re delighted to announce the release of the next Project Run & Play pattern collaboration, Project Lounge Library!  There are 11 garment patterns in this collection, and 2 of them are designed by Audrey!  The Bookish Beanie and the Prose and Poetry Cargo Joggers and Skirt pattern bring to fruition some really delightful designs thatContinue reading “Bookish Beanie Pattern”

Elodie Wrap Dress Review

Allegra has become a recent fan of wrap dresses.  She loves the way they look and feel, and she has a wonderful figure to carry off this kind of silhouette! After looking over quite a few wrap dress patterns that I sent her, she chose the Elodie Wrap Dress pattern from Closet Core Patterns.  TheContinue reading “Elodie Wrap Dress Review”

Charleston Dress

Recently I sewed a form fitting dress for Allegra, and shared some tips about sewing for other on the So Sew English blog.  Sewing for others is something I’m quite familiar with as you know if you’ve perused this blog for any time at all!  Side note: my favorite sewing is for myself…don’t tell myContinue reading “Charleston Dress”

Hygge Vest Pattern

There’s a new favorite vest pattern in town!  We sewed up the Hygge Vest from the Project Run & Play shop, and we’re in love.  Stick around for a game of who wore it best at the end of our post… The Hygge Vest pattern is a bodywarmer/gillet/vest with zip fastening.  Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is aContinue reading “Hygge Vest Pattern”

Frances Leggings Pattern

We’re delighted to be sharing about the Frances Leggings pattern today!  This is another new pattern in the Project Run & Play shop for the Back to Learning event. The Frances Leggings are a super fast-to-sew staple pattern.  There is no hemming.  The end.  But really, we’re so delighted to be able to sew thisContinue reading “Frances Leggings Pattern”

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