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Pantone Party 2023 with Art Gallery Fabrics

It’s time for the Project Run & Play Pantone party again! Every year Pantone chooses a color of the year and this year it is Viva Magenta. There is one certain little 5 year old in this house who adores anything in the pink family, so I immediately knew who would be the recipient ofContinue reading “Pantone Party 2023 with Art Gallery Fabrics”

Janie Dress and Dressage Leggings Outfit

Annie’s fall/winter wardrobe gained another piece!  She’s been watching rather enviously the parade of Janie Dresses I’ve been sewing for Baby Tina, and when I told her it was her turn, she requested this pattern!   Inspired by the week 1 theme at Project Run & Play, Kid Designed – Momma Sewn, I asked AnnieContinue reading “Janie Dress and Dressage Leggings Outfit”

Double Circle Maxi Skirt for Summer

As I mentioned yesterday, I ordered another summer fabric from the Summer CLUB fabric line at Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  It’s called bubble stripe and I got the version on rayon challis.  (It also comes on jersey knit or french terry.)  This rayon challis is very easy to work with and doesn’t shift and move whileContinue reading “Double Circle Maxi Skirt for Summer”

Bloom & Grow Skirt – Free Girl’s Skirt Pattern!

Today we’re excited to release a free girl’s skirt pattern, the Bloom & Grow Skirt.  As in the past few years in July, we’re excited to join in with Simple Simon and Co. for the Skirting The Issue charity sewing event!  We’re releasing another free girl’s skirt pattern, the Bloom & Grow skirt. If youContinue reading “Bloom & Grow Skirt – Free Girl’s Skirt Pattern!”

Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sale & Tester Photos

While you are making your Black Friday plans, be sure to include Savvy Patterns!  We’re having a 30% off sale storewide.  This means you can get the Runway Skirt for yourself and send gift certificates to any one you like for the lowest prices of the year!  Sale runs from Black Friday – Cyber MondayContinue reading “Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sale & Tester Photos”

The Chess Skirt vs The Knight Hoodie

Today we are participating in Crafting Con’s Board Games theme competition.  There’s some pretty stiff competition (pun intended!) from the likes of Frances Suzanne and Stitched by Crystal.  Naturally, we had to make every move count before we found ourselves in check mate.  So we chose the game of chess.  The oldest game, played byContinue reading “The Chess Skirt vs The Knight Hoodie”

A Little Princess: Costume Design

Today I’m introducing a new kind of post. Costume design. I was browsing along the other day, and found a post about movie costume design and realized that I am really fascinated by the dynamics of movie costumes, especially for women, and how the colors and textures are used to evoke emotions. I’m going toContinue reading “A Little Princess: Costume Design”

Chiffon Maxi Skirt Knock Off

Hello again, loyal followers, Allegra here. I wanted another summer skirt, but had a flowy-er one in mind this time.  A chiffon maxi skirt was what I needed! I looked out some fabrics from in our stash, and found this light pink one with a flowery pattern of darker pinks and grays. I did wantContinue reading “Chiffon Maxi Skirt Knock Off”

How to Make a Pattern From a Skirt

Today I’m going to show you how to make a pattern from a skirt and then tomorrow I will show you how to modify that pattern into a skirt for every season!  Do you remember this skirt? I used it to make the lining for Annie’s raincoat.  But if you remember, I loved it andContinue reading “How to Make a Pattern From a Skirt”