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Introducing the Stoplight Skirt

Meet my newest pattern, the Stoplight Skirt! I designed this skirt for the Project Street Style pattern collection with Project Run & Play. It’s making all my girls’ skirt dreams come true! The Stoplight Skirt offers 3 views: Full Stop maxi, She’s A Caution midi, and Girl on the Go pencil skirt. Perfect for everyContinue reading “Introducing the Stoplight Skirt”

The Summer of the Phoenix Blouse {part 2}

A while back, I promised this was going to be the summer of the Phoenix Blouse.  So it’s about time for another post about the Phoenix Blouse, don’t you think?  Don’t worry, I’ll make up for it with 2 posts about it this week, okay? When Aria saw the Phoenix Blouse I sewed for myself,Continue reading “The Summer of the Phoenix Blouse {part 2}”

Bloom & Grow Skirt – Free Girl’s Skirt Pattern!

Today we’re excited to release a free girl’s skirt pattern, the Bloom & Grow Skirt.  As in the past few years in July, we’re excited to join in with Simple Simon and Co. for the Skirting The Issue charity sewing event!  We’re releasing another free girl’s skirt pattern, the Bloom & Grow skirt. If youContinue reading “Bloom & Grow Skirt – Free Girl’s Skirt Pattern!”

The Runway Skirt {pattern release}

Today I get to announce a new arrival!  The Runway Skirt is my first sewing pattern, and I’m so excited to share it with you today.  If you’re looking for that special skirt to sew for your holiday events, The Runway Skirt is waiting for you!  You can buy the Runway Skirt at Savvy Patterns.Continue reading “The Runway Skirt {pattern release}”

Dollhouse Skirt – New FREE Pattern

Last year, we were inspired by Skirting the Issue to create a free girl’s skirt pattern, the Pegasus Skirt.  This year we decided to do the same.  We are completely over the moon about the release of our second free skirt pattern, The Dollhouse Skirt. Today we are contributing to Skirting The Issue with thisContinue reading “Dollhouse Skirt – New FREE Pattern”

Eleena Dress Review

Yesterday I rolled out my version of the Eleena Dress.  Today I have the privilege of participating in the Eleena Pattern blog tour.  My friend Olga, who designed this pattern, asked me to join the tour and I gladly said yes! The Eleena dress is a 1960s inspired A-line dress with an inverted pleat inContinue reading “Eleena Dress Review”

The Pegasus Skirt – A free skirt pattern!

We are beyond delighted to release our first sewing pattern.  We’ve named it The Pegasus Skirt and it’s a free skirt pattern.We are calling our pattern The Pegasus Skirt because the quilt block on the border of the skirt is called “Flying Geese” and those horses!  Now to back up and give credit where credit isContinue reading “The Pegasus Skirt – A free skirt pattern!”