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Maternity Maxi Skirt 5 Ways – Skirt Outfits

Today’s 5 Ways outfit post shows how you can stretch your maternity wardrobe (yes, the pun is intended!)  But since I only wear maternity clothes for less than a year, I don’t really have the desire to buy a whole new closet full of clothes.  In fact, by the time I give birth, I amContinue reading “Maternity Maxi Skirt 5 Ways – Skirt Outfits”

German Gretl Costume from The Sound of Music

Today we have a doozy of a refashion for you!  We spent all last week thinking about what we would make for today’s post.  You see two of our favorite places on the web we go to for inspiration on children’s clothing are holding contests that we are sewing along with.  And we wanted toContinue reading “German Gretl Costume from The Sound of Music”

Winter Pencil Skirt Five Ways – Skirt Outfits

Welcome to a new series of posts called Skirt Outfits, and in these posts, once every week, we will take one specific kind of skirt, and dress it five different ways. These posts will take the place of the Skirt Factsination posts, and we are really excited about them!  Our aim is to offer youContinue reading “Winter Pencil Skirt Five Ways – Skirt Outfits”