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The Quarantine Skirt

Have you heard of any epic projects people have worked on while quarantining in the worldwide pandemic of 2020?  Even though our family had the virus early in the year (more on that here,) we still were required to quarantine along with everyone else…partially because everything was shut down!  So at our house there wereContinue reading “The Quarantine Skirt”

Amherst Shirt Pattern Review

We love the new Amherst Shirt from Hey June patterns.  If we could sum up the new Amherst Shirt pattern in 3 words, those 3 would be, “Another amazing pattern!”   The Amherst Shirt is a button down cargo style shirt with integrated sleeve cuffs.  (More on that later…)  It is intended to be sewn inContinue reading “Amherst Shirt Pattern Review”

Jacky V T-shirt and Abby’s Ballerina Skirt reviews

Today we’re really excited to be joining the Project Run & Play new pattern tour.  Project Run & Play just added 20 (TWENTY!) new patterns to their shop, so be sure to check them all out while they’re on sale. We got to sew up two of these patterns, and they are both really good!Continue reading “Jacky V T-shirt and Abby’s Ballerina Skirt reviews”

Knit Skirt to T-Shirt Refashion

Today’s quick and easy tutorial walks you through the steps of turning that skirt you no longer wear into a t-shirt you’ll never stop wearing!  The best part?  No hemming!  Let’s make that skirt to t-shirt happen: Here is the knit maxi skirt I started with.  It’s a cotton/modal/spandex knit blend with some fun stripesContinue reading “Knit Skirt to T-Shirt Refashion”

Lace Skirt to Trevi Top Refashion

In my last post I promised a full review on how I refashioned a lace skirt into the Trevi Top. First of all, here’s the skirt I started with.  It’s lace (crocheted maybe?) and very pretty, but not super flattering to my figure, not long enough, and not really me as is.  So of courseContinue reading “Lace Skirt to Trevi Top Refashion”

Free Patterns for March {Project Sew It}

For March’s Project Sew It challenge, both Aria and Audrey sewed up FREE patterns for meeting the “bottoms” project.  (Project Sew It is a monthly inspirational sewing challenge created by Celina of Petit a Petit and Family.) Audrey’s Free Pattern Make: Today’s post makes me really, really happy!  You see, about 6 years ago I hadContinue reading “Free Patterns for March {Project Sew It}”

Where the Wild Things Play {Twig & Tale Blog Tour}

Sometimes you get to be part of something that is just plain fun!  That’s what today’s sewing is about…Where The Wild Things Play.  Warning: it’s a picture heavy post, but I think you’ll see why.  And if you make it to the end, reward yourself by entering the giveaway! Recently an Indie sewing company decidedContinue reading “Where the Wild Things Play {Twig & Tale Blog Tour}”

Denim Quilt made from Old Jeans

Two things gave me the final push I needed to finish this denim quilt that has been 10 years in the making: the Refashioner’s Jeanius challenge, and a threat from Mr. Skirt Fixation. As faithful readers (and good counters) of the Skirt Fixation blog know, I have 4 sons.  Boys wear jeans and wear outContinue reading “Denim Quilt made from Old Jeans”

Summer Pajamas

This week I decided to make summer pajamas for some of my kids.  Two of my older boys decided they didn’t need Mom to sew them a new pair of “fun” summer pajamas, but the other 5 were interested.  I had ordered some fun fabric panels from Peekaboo Pattern Shop with summer pajamas in mind. Continue reading “Summer Pajamas”