Easy T-shirt Skirt Review

As we promised at the beginning of All The Skirts: Blank Slate Patterns & Hawthorne Threads, we used one of the 10 free skirt tutorials from Melly Sews to bring you today’s skirt.  Make that skirts.  Because this free skirt tutorial was so fast and easy and the end result so fun and comfortable weContinue reading “Easy T-shirt Skirt Review”

Pixie Strip Skirt Pattern Review

With great delight and a little sadness, we present you the final skirt in this edition of All The Skirts: Jocole & Urban Sew!  The Pixie Strip Skirt is such a fun skirt that we can’t possibly be sad for long!  And to make it even more fun, we used Heather Ross’s Far Far AwayContinue reading “Pixie Strip Skirt Pattern Review”

Downton Duffle Coat Review

Now I know what all the fuss is about!  This is because I sewed up the Downton Duffle Coat, and I’m a fan.  I love it when a pattern makes me look like professional seamstress, and the Downton Duffle Coat by Peekaboo Pattern Shop does just that. Annie has two other coats (besides the slightlyContinue reading “Downton Duffle Coat Review”

Bouncing Bubble Skirt Review

Serendipity.  When 2 things combine and make one perfect combination, that’s serendipity. Jocole Bouncing Bubble skirt pattern and Urban Sew’s Wee Wander fabric. Project Run & Play’s bubble tutorial sew along and the Jocole Bouncing Bubble skirt pattern. Floating bubbles and flitting fireflies.  Serendipity!  We ended up making 5 pieces for our final look.  TheContinue reading “Bouncing Bubble Skirt Review”

An Over The Top Outfit

When you sew, sometimes you can afford to go all out!  (Especially when you refashion and have a large fabric stash.) This is our interpretation of the Over The Top: Holiday Challenge from Pattern Revolution.  It all started with an Uptown/Downtown Dress we made.  Annie’s cousin saw and loved Annie’s Uptown/Downtown Dresses, so we decidedContinue reading “An Over The Top Outfit”

Etage Dress Review from Hand-Me-Downs!

We had the honor of testing the Etage Top and Dress for Terri of Sew Straight and Gather.  And entirely by accident, we had to use hand-me-downs for the fabric, thus qualifying for the week 2 theme over at Project Run & Play: “The Hand-Me-Down Makeover.”  Here’s the totally by accident part…the Etage top and dressContinue reading “Etage Dress Review from Hand-Me-Downs!”

Cowboy Poncho from a Skirt!

Remember that boy we introduced you to earlier in the week with his cowboy quilt?  Did we mention it was his birthday recently?  Oh, we did?  Well, did we mention that he l.o.v.e.s. cowboys?  Oh, we did?  Well, when a boy loves something as much as this boy loves cowboys, it’s easy to know whatContinue reading “Cowboy Poncho from a Skirt!”

Hemming a Skirt with Bias Tape Tutorial

July was a great month for skirts!  Over at Simple Simon & Co. the Elizabeths held an event that’s probably the best skirt event of the year.  It’s called Skirting The Issue, and it’s all about making skirts…for needy girls in foster care.  What a great event!  What a great cause!  So of course weContinue reading “Hemming a Skirt with Bias Tape Tutorial”

Look What Escaped the Zoo! Project Run & Play Week 1 Challenge

The theme for the first week of Project Run & Play is “Put Me in the Zoo.”  They described this challenge as, “Take inspiration from your favorite (or your child’s favorite animal) and design and construct an outfit.  Remember to make it “inspired by” and not a literal costume.”  So I began by asking AnnieContinue reading “Look What Escaped the Zoo! Project Run & Play Week 1 Challenge”

Girl’s Rain Jacket – When It Rains, It Pours!

A while back I was at a fabric store getting buttons to go on Annie’s leather coat, when I had one of THOSE moments.  (Or am I the only one this happens to?)  I was innocently standing in the checkout line with a package of large white buttons in my hand when this bolt ofContinue reading “Girl’s Rain Jacket – When It Rains, It Pours!”

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