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Tilly VS Gemma {Skirt VS Skirt}

  Tilly VS Gemma This is the tale of two skirts, the Gemma Skirt pattern (by Violette Field Threads) on the left and the Tilly Skirt pattern by (Simple Life Pattern Company) on the right.  Most cousins are different, and Tilly and Gemma are too! They both love the park, doing each other’s hair, andContinue reading “Tilly VS Gemma {Skirt VS Skirt}”

Betty VS Perfectly Preppy {Skirt VS Skirt}

This is the tale of two young friends; Betty on the left and Preppy on the right. They had much in common, were the greatest pals, and their differences only made them similarly unique! If they chose one day to go to the country, that was no problem; Betty (a pattern by Shaffer Sisters) livedContinue reading “Betty VS Perfectly Preppy {Skirt VS Skirt}”

Molly VS Lottie {Skirt VS Skirt}

Today we are introducing you to two lovely young skirts. Here on the right, ladies and gentlemen, we have Molly, a sweet and timeless garment designed by Peekaboo Pattern Shop, (affiliate link) and on the left we have Lottie, a playful and humorous little skirt designed by Violette Field Threads. They have many things in common,Continue reading “Molly VS Lottie {Skirt VS Skirt}”

Syrah VS A-line Yoga {Skirt VS Skirt}

Now you may be saying; “Hold up, we ain’t in wit’ this.  In this here day and age, we know it be destructive to compare women’s bodies or skirts or whatev. We’s ALL beautiful.”  That’s definitely true.  However, just think of the Jocole’s Yoga A-line skirt and Baste + Gather’s Syrah skirt as friends whoContinue reading “Syrah VS A-line Yoga {Skirt VS Skirt}”