Bubbles and Stripes – A Grace Tankini

Today I get to share all the details about my newest Grace Tankini.  You can get the Grace Tankini pattern here. The reason this Grace Tankini came into being is the amazing new swim fabrics from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  You can see all of them here if you’re in a hurry, or check them outContinue reading “Bubbles and Stripes – A Grace Tankini”

My Grace Tankini Swimsuits

I realized I never showed some of the Grace Tankinis that I made while the pattern was in testing and production.  All of the muslins (practice and test) suits that I made were from a pastel purple check fabric.  A friend had given me about 9 yards of it, and it worked perfectly for checkingContinue reading “My Grace Tankini Swimsuits”

Modifying the Grace Tankini for Removable Bra Cups

Today we’ve got a special tutorial for you on how to modify the Grace Tankini pattern to allow for removable bra cups.  This is useful for breast cancer survivors who may have mastectomy prosthesis to insert into different bras or swimwear, or to allow for any other inserts. Grab your copy of the Grace Tankini here.Continue reading “Modifying the Grace Tankini for Removable Bra Cups”

Grace Tankini Tester Hacks!

Grab your copy of the Grace Tankini during the sale at Savvy Patterns. Some of the fabulous testers of the Grace Tankini went on to sew additional suits and make some really genius hacks to the pattern.  Today I’m sharing some of them with you for inspiration. Rebecca changed the top of her Grace TankiniContinue reading “Grace Tankini Tester Hacks!”

Grace Tankini Testers

Every PDF pattern needs to be tested before it can be released for sale.  The ladies who agreed to test the Grace Tankini were the best of the best!  The reason the pattern is not good, but great is thanks to these ladies!  Just check out some of the tester’s Grace Tankinis: Emily from ReplicateContinue reading “Grace Tankini Testers”

Grace Tankini – now available!

The Grace Tankini pattern is finally available for purchase!   Grab your copy over at Savvy Patterns…on sale for 25% off this week. The Grace Tankini is a vintage inspired swimsuit with lots of options.  On top, you have 2 choices, both fun and classy!  Choose from a circle skirt, a sporty bottom with orContinue reading “Grace Tankini – now available!”

Swimwear Notions & 2 Ways to Sew Elastic into Swimwear

This post is all about the notions you need when sewing swimwear.  Grab your copy of the Grace Tankini here. First let’s talk about elastic. You want to be sure to use elastic specifically made for swimwear when sewing the Grace Tankini.  Cotton swimwear elastic is stretchier than other elastic, and holds up better toContinue reading “Swimwear Notions & 2 Ways to Sew Elastic into Swimwear”

How to Add Bra Cups to a Swimsuit

Today’s post is all about bra cups.  Grab your copy of the Grace Tankini here. The Grace Tankini has a shelf bra in both views.  Adding bra cups to the shelf bra gives more stability and support as well as modesty when wet.  First let’s talk about bra cups. Bra cups for swimwear come inContinue reading “How to Add Bra Cups to a Swimsuit”

Sewing With Power Mesh

Swimwear sewing is doable for the home sewist, and every tip and tutorial helps you achieve a more professional look.  Today we’re talking about power mesh.  Grab your copy of the Grace Tankini here. Power mesh is a lightweight, sheer fabric used to add extra compression or support to swimwear.  The best power mesh fabricContinue reading “Sewing With Power Mesh”

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