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5 GENIUS Tips for sewing with Chiffon Fabric

Usually we prefer to sew with fabric that is easier to work with than chiffon.  But sometimes a special chiffon comes along and we can’t resist!  At times like this we use these tips we’re sharing today. 1. Tip for sewing with chiffon – buy good quality Even though you might find a really “goodContinue reading “5 GENIUS Tips for sewing with Chiffon Fabric”

How to Make a Shirt Larger at the Hips Tutorial

Do you have a shirt that fits…but not at the hips?  This tutorial will help you to make a shirt larger at the hips.  Don’t throw it away, fix it! We’ll show you how to fix a shirt that’s already finished, or one that you’re currently sewing.  You know, for those times you try itContinue reading “How to Make a Shirt Larger at the Hips Tutorial”

Faux Layered Sleeves Tutorial

Want the look of layered sleeves without the bulk in the armpits and bunching at the shoulder that double sleeves can sometimes do? Today we’ve got a faux layered sleeves tutorial for you. You could even adapt this tutorial to add sleeves to an existing short sleeved shirt! (We like to use the Union StreetContinue reading “Faux Layered Sleeves Tutorial”

Rayon Challis Maxi Circle Skirt

Rayon challis makes the most heavenly circle skirt. Today’s post will walk you through the process of sewing a maxi circle skirt. Lined and with an invisible zipper. Because why not?!? First of all let’s talk fabric. Be forewarned that a maxi circle skirt is going to require a maximum amount of fabric. Think dramaticContinue reading “Rayon Challis Maxi Circle Skirt”

DIY Pleated Yoke Shirt Tutorial

Well this is embarrassing.  Apparently I never shared my final Hey June June garment I sewed!  But it’s really too good to just let go, so let’s all pretend like it’s not 3 months overdue. The final garment I sewed for Hey June June is the Phoenix Blouse.  The yoke on this Blouse is aContinue reading “DIY Pleated Yoke Shirt Tutorial”

DIY Cat Face T-shirt Tutorial

Let’s make a cute cat face t-shirt…with a bow! If you know a little kitty lover, you are about to make them their new favorite shirt! In fact, maybe you’d better make them two, it’s that fast and easy! Cat Face t-shirt materials list: Cricut Maker Machine (or other cutting machine) EasyPress machine, other heatContinue reading “DIY Cat Face T-shirt Tutorial”

DIY Reversible Sequin Board

If you’ve ever touched reversible sequin fabric, you know how fun it can be!  We decided to make a reversible sequin board and we’re sharing the DIY reversible sequin board tutorial today so you can make one yourself.   We highly recommend the reversible sequin fabric from CaliFabrics.   DIY Reversible Sequin Board Step 1:Continue reading “DIY Reversible Sequin Board”

Reversible Paneled Skirt Tutorial

What’s better than 1 new skirt?  2 new skirts, of course!  And if that can be 2 new skirts in 1…bonus!  Today we have share how to make a reversible paneled skirt tutorial with you. We started with the Jalie 2681 paneled skirt pattern and some denim-look knit fabric from CaliFabrics.  (Please head over toContinue reading “Reversible Paneled Skirt Tutorial”

Maternity Jacket Refashion

For several pregnancies now, I’ve had a terrible secret!  Each of these pregnancies were in the winter, but I didn’t have a maternity jacket.  Well, I had one, but it didn’t fit my tall frame and mostly my long arms.  I decided it was just better to be cold than to fight with sleeves thatContinue reading “Maternity Jacket Refashion”