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Funny DIY Homeschool T-shirts with the Cricut EasyPress 2

Today we have a fun post for you and a tutorial on how to make your own funny DIY homeschool t-shirts.   Homeschoolers often get taken very seriously, but really, they can be a fun and funny group of kids.  They have probably been asked all the same questions over and over again many times,Continue reading “Funny DIY Homeschool T-shirts with the Cricut EasyPress 2”

Sandbryce Skirt

Meet my new favorite summer outfit.  This is the mash up of 2 patterns, the Sandbridge Skirt and the Bryce Cargos.  I’m calling it the Sandbryce Skirt.  I’ve been on a hunt for a good cargo skirt pattern, and finally decided to take matters into my own hands.  I ended up with a skirt I’mContinue reading “Sandbryce Skirt”

Denim Details – Ways to make your garment special!

And now, Day 4 of Denim Week, we get to probably our favorite part of sewing a denim garment…details!  If you’ve taken the time and effort to sew a detailed denim garment, you should absolutely make it special by adding some unique denim details.  We’ve found 7 different areas to add denim details to yourContinue reading “Denim Details – Ways to make your garment special!”

Flutter Sleeve Tutorial

Today I’ve got a quick and easy flutter sleeve tutorial for you.  And the beauty of this is that you can do this to any pattern that has a sleeve!  I used the Union St. Tee by Hey June Patterns, but you can use any pattern with sleeves. This method is a slash and spreadContinue reading “Flutter Sleeve Tutorial”

Cheater Threading for a Serger

Before we go on to the 2nd lesson in our Serger School series, we need an interlude about threading…cheater threading!  Everyone’s greatest fear with a new serger is threading it.  So before learning anything about how to sew with the serger, I’m going to teach you how to thread it…in under 3 minutes…the easy way.Continue reading “Cheater Threading for a Serger”

DIY Pendant Banner (With a No Sew option!)

Today I’ve got a fun easy to make (with even a NO SEW option!) DIY pendant banner.  Pendant banners are great for adding spice to any space.  For this DIY pendant banner made from fabric, I used all Indigo & Aster fabric by Bari J. for Art Gallery Fabrics. First of all you need toContinue reading “DIY Pendant Banner (With a No Sew option!)”

Serger School – Lesson 1: Take the Serger Out of the Box!

Welcome to Serger School – Lesson 1: Take the Serger Out of the Box! I’m delighted to share with you the 1st in a series of serger school videos I’ve been working on.  We heard a lot of people say it took them a long time to take their new serger out of the box,Continue reading “Serger School – Lesson 1: Take the Serger Out of the Box!”

A-line Dress to Gathered Dress Tutorial

PSA!!!  Today if you purchase $35 on fabric at Peekaboo Fabric Shop, you will get 1 free pattern of your choice with the code FREEDOM until 2/19.  Oh, the possibilities!!! Last week I promised to share with you how to make an A-line Dress into a gathered dress with a waist seam.  This a-line to gatheredContinue reading “A-line Dress to Gathered Dress Tutorial”

French Terry Comparison

Today I’m going to walk you through a french terry comparison of 2 different fabrics. For purposes of this comparison, I sewed 2 similar items (a hoodie for a boy) so they are comparable for you to observe. Some of the differences are slight, and some are quite noticeable. The 2 french terry fabrics areContinue reading “French Terry Comparison”

Modifying a dress to a peplum top

Today we’re over at CaliFabrics sharing all about our surprising love for this Earth Floral London Calling cotton lawn fabric.  Go check it out! But we wanted to share a little bit about how we modified the Apple Picking Dress pattern by Oliver+S into a peplum, just like we did last time we made this pattern forContinue reading “Modifying a dress to a peplum top”