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How to Add a Lining to a Yoga Skirt

As I promised yesterday, I have a tutorial for how to add a lining to the Jocole Yoga A-line skirt. When you are cutting out the skirt, cut out an additional front and back pieces on the fold of knit lining fabric, but cut the lining fabric 3-6 inches shorter than your finished length ofContinue reading “How to Add a Lining to a Yoga Skirt”

Baby Wrap Two Ways

Sometimes I over-plan.  Do you ever do that?  Recently I decided I needed a new wrap.  Not the kind you eat, the kind you wear! I have one baby wrap (not pictured in this post) that I absolutely love and have used to tie on my babies for year.  But this wrap has 2 limitationsContinue reading “Baby Wrap Two Ways”

Reverse Applique Tutorial for Fox Shirt

Yesterday I reviewed the Playhouse Dress and showed you the knit fantastic fox fabric I used from Girl Charlee.  Well, since I bought 2 yards of it, there was plenty left, so I decided to make good on my promise to sew more for my boys. I decided to make a pair of pajama pantsContinue reading “Reverse Applique Tutorial for Fox Shirt”

Hemming a Skirt with Bias Tape Tutorial

July was a great month for skirts!  Over at Simple Simon & Co. the Elizabeths held an event that’s probably the best skirt event of the year.  It’s called Skirting The Issue, and it’s all about making skirts…for needy girls in foster care.  What a great event!  What a great cause!  So of course weContinue reading “Hemming a Skirt with Bias Tape Tutorial”

How to Make a Pattern From a Skirt

Today I’m going to show you how to make a pattern from a skirt and then tomorrow I will show you how to modify that pattern into a skirt for every season!  Do you remember this skirt? I used it to make the lining for Annie’s raincoat.  But if you remember, I loved it andContinue reading “How to Make a Pattern From a Skirt”