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Back to School Sewing

It’s back to school time, are your kids ready? (For my kids, this means at least 1 new outfit if nothing else!) This year I got to make them outfits using patterns from the Project Run & Play shop and fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. I sewed an entire outfit for 4 of my kids, and they helpedContinue reading “Back to School Sewing”

Rayon Challis vs Viscose Poplin

Today I’m exploring the difference between rayon and viscose, and between challis and poplin.  In all the pictures, the rayon challis fabric is on the left and the viscose poplin fabric is on the right. So what exactly is the difference between rayon challis and viscose poplin?  That was a question in my mind, forContinue reading “Rayon Challis vs Viscose Poplin”

Rain Jackets…sort of!

Recently I sewed up a couple of rain jackets for my 2 youngest boys.  I used the Puddle Jumper Rain Coat pattern from Peekaboo Pattern Shop (affiliate link) and it’s a really great pattern.  In fact, I used it before for Annie. But this time, it didn’t work out exactly like I’d planned.  In fact,Continue reading “Rain Jackets…sort of!”

A very big (little!) announcement!

Today I have the honor of stepping into some very large shoes of two ladies who have inspired me for a long, long time!  It’s quite a privilege to be taking the reins at Project Run & Play, where I’ve been assisting for the past 2 years. Please head over to Project Run & PlayContinue reading “A very big (little!) announcement!”

10 Super Easy Last Minute Skirt Costume Ideas

Today we’ve got a round up of 10 super duper easy, last minute skirt costume ideas you can pull together in an hour or less! #1:  Check out our fast refashioned German Gretl skirt costume from the Sound Of Music. #2  This Cleopatra costume is a refresher of a previous year’s costume with a skirt, tipsContinue reading “10 Super Easy Last Minute Skirt Costume Ideas”

Simple Maxi Skirt Pattern Review

Yesterday when I showed you my new Simple Knit Pencil Skirt and Union St. Tee, I forgot to tell you the back story.  Originally I had planned a much different outfit for the Skirt-A-Thon!  So today I’m sharing what really happened. My first plan was to sew the pencil skirt and pair it with aContinue reading “Simple Maxi Skirt Pattern Review”

Tips for sewing double brushed poly fabric

Recently I’ve had fun working with a new kind of fabric.  Double brushed poly fabric is a knit polyester fabric that has been brushed on both sides, making it super soft to wear, but a little tricky to work with. Before I started sewing with double brushed poly fabric, I researched it a little bit. Continue reading “Tips for sewing double brushed poly fabric”