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Summer Weight Wool Maxi Skirt

Have you ever sewn with summer weight wool?  This skirt was our 1st time sewing with it, and our review.  We used the Fumeterre Skirt pattern from Deer and Doe to sew with our summer weight wool. Summer weight wool is much lighter than regular wool.  It seems like it might have a slightly looserContinue reading “Summer Weight Wool Maxi Skirt”

How to Make a Shirt Larger at the Hips Tutorial

Do you have a shirt that fits…but not at the hips?  This tutorial will help you to make a shirt larger at the hips.  Don’t throw it away, fix it! We’ll show you how to fix a shirt that’s already finished, or one that you’re currently sewing.  You know, for those times you try itContinue reading “How to Make a Shirt Larger at the Hips Tutorial”

Amherst Shirt Pattern Review

We love the new Amherst Shirt from Hey June patterns.  If we could sum up the new Amherst Shirt pattern in 3 words, those 3 would be, “Another amazing pattern!”   The Amherst Shirt is a button down cargo style shirt with integrated sleeve cuffs.  (More on that later…)  It is intended to be sewn inContinue reading “Amherst Shirt Pattern Review”