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Pantone Party 2023 with Art Gallery Fabrics

It’s time for the Project Run & Play Pantone party again! Every year Pantone chooses a color of the year and this year it is Viva Magenta. There is one certain little 5 year old in this house who adores anything in the pink family, so I immediately knew who would be the recipient ofContinue reading “Pantone Party 2023 with Art Gallery Fabrics”

Canvas Jacket

Yes, this little jacket is just as huggable as it looks! Canvas on the outside and super soft sherpa on the inside makes for the warmest, most cozy jacket ever. I started with some really beautiful cotton canvas by Art Gallery Fabrics from Minerva. It is very supple and easy to work with for projects.Continue reading “Canvas Jacket”

Summer Weight Wool Maxi Skirt

Have you ever sewn with summer weight wool?  This skirt was our 1st time sewing with it, and our review.  We used the Fumeterre Skirt pattern from Deer and Doe to sew with our summer weight wool. Summer weight wool is much lighter than regular wool.  It seems like it might have a slightly looserContinue reading “Summer Weight Wool Maxi Skirt”

Project Watercolor Beach: Coral Wrap Top, Dress & Skirt Pattern

I’m especially proud of the next pattern in the Project Watercolor Beach pattern collection the way a mother is proud of one of her children.  Because I designed it!  The Coral Wrap Top, Dress & Skirt pattern is such a fun pattern, and I sewed up SO many versions in testing!  So today I’ll justContinue reading “Project Watercolor Beach: Coral Wrap Top, Dress & Skirt Pattern”

Indigo and Aster fabric tour for my girls

Hello and welcome!  I’m delighted to share some Indigo and Aster fabric goodness with you today. This photo shoot was inspired by the floral crowns on the border print fabric of the Indigo and Aster fabrics.  Each animal is wearing a floral crown in that border print fabric! I’ll start with my older daughter, Annie,Continue reading “Indigo and Aster fabric tour for my girls”

Me Made May 2018 Week 5

I know, I know.  We’re into June and I’m still sharing things from May.  But, I’ve been busy, and I wanted to complete my round up of Me Made May skirt outfits. This skirt is the Sandbridge Skirt pattern from Hey June Patterns.  It’s truly lovely, and I’m so excited to share the details ofContinue reading “Me Made May 2018 Week 5”

The Summer of the Phoenix Blouse

One of my favorite pattern designers did it again!  Yes, she released a new pattern (the Phoenix Blouse,) yes it’s amazing, yes, it fits great.  But the thing I’m referring to is that she made me try a new style again!   The Phoenix Blouse by Hey June Patterns is a cute a causal bohoContinue reading “The Summer of the Phoenix Blouse”

Mermaid Maxi Skirt Review

When a skirt is named “Mermaid Maxi” what else can you do?  I was helpless to resist!  Diva Patterns by Tie Dye Diva has a new skirt pattern out, and it’s just as delightful as the name implies.  I was ecstatic to join the blog tour for the Mermaid Maxi Skirt, and I can’t waitContinue reading “Mermaid Maxi Skirt Review”

DIY Pendant Banner (With a No Sew option!)

Today I’ve got a fun easy to make (with even a NO SEW option!) DIY pendant banner.  Pendant banners are great for adding spice to any space.  For this DIY pendant banner made from fabric, I used all Indigo & Aster fabric by Bari J. for Art Gallery Fabrics. First of all you need toContinue reading “DIY Pendant Banner (With a No Sew option!)”