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Lion Hoodie from Narnia

You may have noticed the other day when I posted the French Terry fabric comparison that a certain little boy got left out in the animal hoodie theme.  When I saw Raspberry Creek Fabrics spring release CLUB fabrics, I saw the perfect opportunity to rectify a situation which included a very upset little boy.  EnterContinue reading “Lion Hoodie from Narnia”

French Terry Comparison

Today I’m going to walk you through a french terry comparison of 2 different fabrics. For purposes of this comparison, I sewed 2 similar items (a hoodie for a boy) so they are comparable for you to observe. Some of the differences are slight, and some are quite noticeable. The 2 french terry fabrics areContinue reading “French Terry Comparison”

Ruffle Skirt Review

Today we have a free pattern, a refashion and the next skirt for All The Skirts: Jocole and Urban Sew all wrapped up in one sweet little package!  We usually say this about everything we make, but we think this is probably the cutest outfit we’ve made yet!  Let’s take them in order from topContinue reading “Ruffle Skirt Review”

How to Add a Woven Lining to a Knit Hood

We snagged a Bimaa Sweater pattern during the Friday Fiver over at Crafterhours, and immediately got to sewing!  Aria had a birthday recently, and so I made her a whole outfit.  That skirt will be coming soon, but for today, I want to show you the Bimaa Sweater, and explain how I added a wovenContinue reading “How to Add a Woven Lining to a Knit Hood”