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My 4H Skirt Outfit

Today’s post is written and sewn by Aria, our 12 year old contributing member!For the past several summers we have participated in our local 4-H club.  I have made several different projects before, but have only done sewing once, so this year I decided to do sewing again. I wanted to sew something new thisContinue reading “My 4H Skirt Outfit”

Easy T-shirt Skirt Review

As we promised at the beginning of All The Skirts: Blank Slate Patterns & Hawthorne Threads, we used one of the 10 free skirt tutorials from Melly Sews to bring you today’s skirt.  Make that skirts.  Because this free skirt tutorial was so fast and easy and the end result so fun and comfortable weContinue reading “Easy T-shirt Skirt Review”

Schoolday Skirt Review

It’s summer and school’s out, so naturally we sewed up the Schoolday Skirt from Blank Slate Patterns!  But since we educate at home, we can wear school skirts anytime, right? And when the fabric is as summery as the Calliope line from Hawthorne Threads, it’s awesome!  Also, it’s the first day of Kids Clothes Week, soContinue reading “Schoolday Skirt Review”

Marigold Skirt Review

Have you seen the Marigold pattern by Blank Slate Patterns?  It’s a beautiful dress pattern, but did you know there is a skirt included in the pattern?  We’re here today to show you just how wonderful the Marigold Skirt is.The Marigold Skirt has two features that will have you reaching for this skirt over andContinue reading “Marigold Skirt Review”

Sewing with PDF Patterns, A Beginner’s Guide

Lately I’ve been using a lot of PDF patterns. One big reason is the convenience, but as I’ve used them I’ve discovered more advantages than just being able to print them out from my home! Convenience = This was the first reason I started using PDF patterns.  I live over an hour away from theContinue reading “Sewing with PDF Patterns, A Beginner’s Guide”