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Forest Floor Adventure

Stepping into the forest, on and off the path, in the dappled lighting we discovered quite an adventure. A deer bounded across the path and paused to stare at us with it’s great doe eyes. Four squirrels nibbled corn a forbidden arms length away. Something mysterious swam just beneath the water,  surfaced with a splashContinue reading “Forest Floor Adventure”

Cultivate Blog Tour and Oliver+S Family Reunion Pattern

Hello and welcome to our stop on the Cultivate Blog Tour.  If this is your first time here, it’s nice to have you!  I’m Audrey, and I blog with my daughters all about skirts and our other sewing adventures. The rest of you might remember the last time we participated in a blog tour starringContinue reading “Cultivate Blog Tour and Oliver+S Family Reunion Pattern”

Butterfly Skirt & Blouse Review

The Butterfly Skirt and Blouse pattern, ah what a little jewel!  You might think that with 10 skirt patterns in the Oliver+S library, another one was going to be reduntant somehow!  But once again, Liesl came up with a unique pattern that is both classic and on trend.  The lines of the skirt will neverContinue reading “Butterfly Skirt & Blouse Review”