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Three Ponte Camden Raglan Tees

Today I’ve got a huge comparison of these three different ponte fabrics over at CaliFabrics.  Please go check it out! Over at CaliFabrics, since it’s such an in depth discussion of the fabric, I don’t really get to share more about the pattern!  This is the Camden Raglan by Hey June Patterns. Since Annie hasContinue reading “Three Ponte Camden Raglan Tees”

Funny DIY Homeschool T-shirts with the Cricut EasyPress 2

Today we have a fun post for you and a tutorial on how to make your own funny DIY homeschool t-shirts.   Homeschoolers often get taken very seriously, but really, they can be a fun and funny group of kids.  They have probably been asked all the same questions over and over again many times,Continue reading “Funny DIY Homeschool T-shirts with the Cricut EasyPress 2”

Sew the Rainbow

Earlier this summer, I did a bunch of kid sewing that I never shared here!  The inspiration was from the Project Run & Play Sew The Rainbow themed weeks.  (Please go check out Project Run & Play, it’s an online children’s sewing event that I am privileged to lead, and there are some fantastic thingsContinue reading “Sew the Rainbow”

Llama Queen Outfit

Today we’re sharing an outfit Annie has been wearing all spring and summer!  Better late than never when it’s a llama queen outfit, right?   Back when we sewed up some of the other fabrics from Raspberry Creek Fabric’s spring CLUB line, we fell in love with this llama print too.  They’re so, well, llama-ishContinue reading “Llama Queen Outfit”

Patriotic Fabric Parade

This year I found the perfect patriotic fabric for a special occasion.  Raspberry Creek Fabrics has a new patriotic line of fabric, and I’m in love!  I got 2 of the 8 fabrics, both cotton jersey knits.  They are soft and durable, and last through all the antics my kids put them through. These patrioticContinue reading “Patriotic Fabric Parade”

Camden Raglan Gathered Dress

Recently I’ve begun sewing for summer.  I know, I’m ahead of schedule, and it’s a pretty daring thing to do when kids grow as fast as mine do!  But I’m trying to allow for growth.  Annie requested some dresses for summer to play in, and I just happened to have the fabric to make itContinue reading “Camden Raglan Gathered Dress”

2 Lane Raglans for Fall (and a surprise…)

Recently Mountain Maker Fabrics had a Lane Raglan sew along.  And if you’ve been here any time at all, you know our love for the Lane Raglan and all Hey June Patterns.  If you haven’t, it’s huge.  Glacial.  Of course we couldn’t miss the chance to make another Lane Raglan.  Or two.  Plus a CamdenContinue reading “2 Lane Raglans for Fall (and a surprise…)”

Sewing for Tweens – Pattern Choices

Today we’re going to share some things we’ve learned about sewing for tweens.  We’re going to focus on pattern choices; what’s available, what they’ll wear!  You can also check out our thoughts on fabric choices over at the Cali Fabrics blog, later next week. We’re joining the Growing Up Handmade blog tour.  It’s all aboutContinue reading “Sewing for Tweens – Pattern Choices”

Summer Pajamas

This week I decided to make summer pajamas for some of my kids.  Two of my older boys decided they didn’t need Mom to sew them a new pair of “fun” summer pajamas, but the other 5 were interested.  I had ordered some fun fabric panels from Peekaboo Pattern Shop with summer pajamas in mind. Continue reading “Summer Pajamas”