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1 Year Old BOY Separates

Now that you know what the “ingredients” are for the 1 Year Old boy capsule wardrobe, today we’re sharing the separates.  Well most of them! First up is our new favorite tshirt pattern,the Lemon Tee pattern from Project Run & Play.   We love this pattern because there are so many different options, and theContinue reading “1 Year Old BOY Separates”

1 Year Old BOY Capsule Wardrobe

Here’s everything you need for a 1 year old BOY capsule wardrobe for summer months.  We sewed everything you see in this capsule…except for the 1 thing we refashioned, but that counts too, right? Today we’re sharing all the “ingredients” in the 1 year old BOY capsule wardrobe and then we’ll share modeled photos andContinue reading “1 Year Old BOY Capsule Wardrobe”

2 Pink Knit Dresses

The final garments in our Pink, Burgundy and Mustard capsule wardrobe are these 2 pink knit dresses. Our toddler wears these two all the time, and with a sweater and leggings, will continue wearing them into fall! The fabric for this dress was the only fabric I purchased especially for the capsule wardrobe. The restContinue reading “2 Pink Knit Dresses”

3 Knit Skirts for a Toddler

Is there anything cuter than a toddler in a skirt? We couldn’t think of anything either! However, a skirt on a toddler is not quite the most practical thing in the world, so today we’re sharing 3 knit skirts we sewed for our toddler girl and how we made them VERY practical. These skirts areContinue reading “3 Knit Skirts for a Toddler”

Butterfly Polina Dress

As promised, we’re sharing more about the Polina Dress we sewed for the Burgundy, Mustard & Pink 2 year old capsule wardrobe.   This is such a fun dress pattern, but we needed it to have sleeves for modesty reasons.  You can see how we made the Polina Dress (Peplum!) have sleeves the last timeContinue reading “Butterfly Polina Dress”

Summer Capsule Wardrobe for a Girl Toddler

Cooler weather is upon us, and I realized that I never shared all of Baby’s summer capsule wardrobe!  We shared a couple of items with reviews, so today’s post is more about sharing the fabric and patterns used.  Well, okay, and lots of cute baby picture too! First up are the Janie Dresses I madeContinue reading “Summer Capsule Wardrobe for a Girl Toddler”

Janie Dress and Peplum

Today is our stop on the Project Run & Play Shop Grand Opening blog tour!  It’s an exciting day to be able to share not only these Janie dresses with you, but the whole Project Run & Play Shop.  This idea has been over a year in the making, and it’s so delightful to haveContinue reading “Janie Dress and Peplum”

Pattern Suggestions for 1 Year Old Capsule Wardrobe

Baby grew as babies do, and it was time for a new capsule wardrobe!  I learned a few things from her 1st capsule wardrobe, and wanted a change of color scheme.  Plus now I know she’s a girl and not a boy and could take full advantage of cute girl styles! First I drew outContinue reading “Pattern Suggestions for 1 Year Old Capsule Wardrobe”