Tilly VS Gemma {Skirt VS Skirt}

  Tilly VS Gemma This is the tale of two skirts, the Gemma Skirt pattern (by Violette Field Threads) on the left and the Tilly Skirt pattern by (Simple Life Pattern Company) on the right.  Most cousins are different, and Tilly and Gemma are too! They both love the park, doing each other’s hair, andContinue reading “Tilly VS Gemma {Skirt VS Skirt}”

Tilly Circle Skirt {All The Skirts: SLPco & Phat Quarters}

I know you’re not supposed to have favorites, but oh Tilly!  This little twirly circle skirt is next in our All The Skirts series and is what brought me to Simple Life Pattern Company in the first place.  My thinking went like this, “What’s better than a circle skirt? A layered circle skirt!” The TillyContinue reading “Tilly Circle Skirt {All The Skirts: SLPco & Phat Quarters}”

Gemma Skirt & Blouse Review

The Gemma Skirt and Blouse pattern is the next skirt pattern in our series All The Skirts: Violette Field Threads & Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  The pattern is described as a sweet collared blouse and circle skirt set, and that just about sums it up! The Gemma Skirt and Blouse pattern comes in 7 sizes fromContinue reading “Gemma Skirt & Blouse Review”

Baby Circle Skirts

I apologize in advance if today’s post makes you want a baby!  Recently my brother and his wife gifted me with a niece had a baby girl!  So I did the only logical thing an aunt could do and sewed up some tiny baby girl clothes. I started with the Spunky Girl Skater skirt pattern byContinue reading “Baby Circle Skirts”

Seattle Skater Skirt Pattern Review

Last week we gave you a sneak peek of the Seattle Skater Skirt we made when we were reviewing the Spunky Girl Skater Skirt.  The two skirts are basically the same skirt, one in girl sizes and one in women sizes.  We even used fabric from the same line, the Riley Blake Designs knit fabricContinue reading “Seattle Skater Skirt Pattern Review”

Spunky Girl Skater Skirt Pattern Review

When we chose to sew all the skirts from Peekaboo Pattern Shop we didn’t know they were going to be releasing 2 new skirts very shortly.  But when we saw the new skirts we were so excited to add them to the list of skirts to sew!  The two new skirts are skater skirts, alsoContinue reading “Spunky Girl Skater Skirt Pattern Review”

Circle Skirt Tutorial using Narrow Fabric

If you find a circle skirt tutorial on the internet, it will probably require you to use 60” wide fabric.  This makes sense because when you actually make a circle skirt, you cut a circle in the center for the waistband, and a wider circle using the whole width of the fabric for the length ofContinue reading “Circle Skirt Tutorial using Narrow Fabric”

Drop & Twirl Circle Skirt Review

There isn’t a more fun skirt to wear than a circle skirt!  Seriously.  This week we present you the Drop & Twirl Circle Skirt from Jocole Patterns. If you search on the internet, you will find literally hundreds of free tutorials for circle skirts, so why should you buy this pattern?  Well, Jocole has takenContinue reading “Drop & Twirl Circle Skirt Review”

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