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Ethan Shirts and Classic Chinos

Yesterday I promised to show you the other garments I sewed assembly line style when I made the Future Professional outfit for my kindergartener.  When you have 4 sons, it really does end up easier sewing like an assembly line to keep them in clothes! Thomas also needed some new dress clothes.  I grabbed theContinue reading “Ethan Shirts and Classic Chinos”

Future Professional {Boy’s Mini Wardrobe}

Last week I shared the “Reach for the Stars” mini wardrobe I sewed for my son who is starting his kindergarten studies.  I promised to share more about each look, and today I’m expanding on the Future Professional look. This was such a fun look to create, and also useful because David needed these clothes! Continue reading “Future Professional {Boy’s Mini Wardrobe}”

Wavy Zipper Fix & Boy Knight

Today I’m going to tell you more about the boy look I sewed for my Starry Knights entry into Project Run & Play’s week 3 sew along for the theme All That Glitters. First of all, I think most entries will be girl looks, due to the nature of the sewing prompt.  So I challengedContinue reading “Wavy Zipper Fix & Boy Knight”

Indiana Jones Cosplay Outfit

The second theme during season 11 of Project Run & Play is Cosplay Craze.  If you’re not familiar with the term Cosplay, it’s basically dressing up as a character from a movie, book, cartoon, etc.  The Project Run & Play theme had one stipulation; the creation should not be a costume. My son has beenContinue reading “Indiana Jones Cosplay Outfit”