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Wool Quart Coat

This is probably the most complex project I’ve done in a while, maybe ever.  The Quart Coat is a unique coat pattern from Pauline Alice.  My daughter has been searching for the perfect coat for her 6 foot tall frame for quite a while, and finally found what she was looking for with the QuartContinue reading “Wool Quart Coat”

Child’s Leather Jacket Made from a Leather Skirt!

Today, we have a very fun refashion for you.  We spent all last week thinking about what we were going to do for our week three submission to Project Run & Play.  We tossed ideas around, browsed thrift stores for inspiration, and looked through our stash.  You see the theme is “The Refashion Challenge” andContinue reading “Child’s Leather Jacket Made from a Leather Skirt!”