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Butterfly Polina Dress

As promised, we’re sharing more about the Polina Dress we sewed for the Burgundy, Mustard & Pink 2 year old capsule wardrobe.   This is such a fun dress pattern, but we needed it to have sleeves for modesty reasons.  You can see how we made the Polina Dress (Peplum!) have sleeves the last timeContinue reading “Butterfly Polina Dress”

Knit Summer Dresses for my Girls

It’s begun.  Summer temperatures have arrived, and with it, the requests for summer clothes.  For my younger girls, this means knit fabric, light colors, and breezy silhouettes.  Two knit summer dresses coming right up!   One of Annie’s favorite dresses from last summer is the Ila Dress I sewed for her from french terry fabric.  SheContinue reading “Knit Summer Dresses for my Girls”

Double Gauze Nina Blouse

Today we’re happy to share with you about the Coffee + Thread Nina Blouse. If you’ve been here for longer than a day or two, you’ve probably seen us sew a Coffee+Thread pattern before!  We love these pattern, and Olga (the owner/designer) is absolutely brilliant when it comes to making a professional pattern. The NinaContinue reading “Double Gauze Nina Blouse”

Geneva Cardigan Review

Recently we got to help test a new Coffee + Thread pattern, the Geneva Cardigan.  You might know already about how much we love Coffee + Thread patterns, due to the sheer numbers of them we’ve sewn!  And the Geneva Cardigan is no exception. The Geneva Cardigan is a knit cardigan suitable for boys orContinue reading “Geneva Cardigan Review”

Polina Peplum and French Terry Ila

We are so excited to be a part of the Coffee + Thread patterns blog tour.  As you might know, we love Olga’s patterns, and we’ve sewn up both the Antalya dress and the Elena dress before.  For the tour, we would have loved to sew either one of those 2 dresses again, but weContinue reading “Polina Peplum and French Terry Ila”

Eleena Dress Review

Yesterday I rolled out my version of the Eleena Dress.  Today I have the privilege of participating in the Eleena Pattern blog tour.  My friend Olga, who designed this pattern, asked me to join the tour and I gladly said yes! The Eleena dress is a 1960s inspired A-line dress with an inverted pleat inContinue reading “Eleena Dress Review”

A Mix {Signature Style}

The final challenge of Project Run & Play is “Signature Style.”  So what is my signature sewing style? Sewing is my creative outlet, and also an educational enterprise.  I’m always challenging myself to try new things as well as improve old techniques.  A mix of old and new, a mix of black and white, aContinue reading “A Mix {Signature Style}”

Antalya Dress Review

Now it’s time to tell you more about my girl look for my All That Glitters sew along entry.  To be honest, a glittery, sparkly girl look is much easier than a boy look!  Here’s the outfit details again: Dress Pattern:  Antalya Dress by Coffee & Thread Dress Fabric: Wild & Free Knit Midnight Roof  designedContinue reading “Antalya Dress Review”