Corduroy Sandbridge Skirt and Baby Dress

Today we’ve got a fun post for you about some of our fabric fabrics and patterns.  Corduroy was one of the first fabrics I fell in love with when I first started sewing, and all these years later, I’m still in love and sewing with it often!  We’re going to share pattern details here, soContinue reading “Corduroy Sandbridge Skirt and Baby Dress”

Day 3 Floral Radiograph Fabric Blog Tour & $50 Giveaway

Today’s stop on the Floral Radiograph Fabric blog tour is little old me.  Forgive me for sounding like a proud parent for a minute here, but I really love the black and white versions of the fabric I designed.  And I really love the colored versions too! It was excruciatingly painful to decide which colorContinue reading “Day 3 Floral Radiograph Fabric Blog Tour & $50 Giveaway”

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