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Hula Hoop Skirt Review

Following this very inspirational Oliver + S skirt week, we chose to sew up the Hula Hoop skirt by Oliver + S!  This skirt is loved by both the maker and the wearer.  Mom loved sewing up this skirt, it just took one afternoon, and Annie loves a twirly, swishy skirt. The Hula Hoop skirtContinue reading “Hula Hoop Skirt Review”

Patchwork Twirl Skirt Review

Today we delightedly present you the first skirt in the All The Skirts: Sis Boom & Imagine Gnats Edition.  We just could not help ourselves when we received our package of fabric from Rachel of Imagine Gnats.  The Cotton + Steel fabric was so fun that we had to sew it up first.  And weContinue reading “Patchwork Twirl Skirt Review”