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DIY Inky Graphic T-shirts

It looks like all I sew these day is graphic tees!  Oh well, they love them and they’re really easy to make.  Today I have a tutorial over at Project Run & Play on how to use Cricut Infusible Ink Markers to create these fun pajama shirts. I used the .jpg versions of the I’m OutContinue reading “DIY Inky Graphic T-shirts”

Valentines Day Graphic Tees

Star Wars, Yoda, Cactus, Deer, Princess Leia, and a Storm Trooper! I’m delighted to share with you five Valentines Day graphic tees I created. Three have a Star Wars theme, and the others are very fun too! All these t-shirt patterns are on flash sale at Project Run & Play, so be sure to popContinue reading “Valentines Day Graphic Tees”

Two plain ole’ t-shirts…

It’s become a tradition to sew something for each kid on their birthday.  A few months ago, David had a special birthday.  It was his golden birthday, he turned 8 on the 8th.  So of course I had to commemorate this special occasion into one of his birthday shirts. I used light gold foil ironContinue reading “Two plain ole’ t-shirts…”

DIY Cat Face T-shirt Tutorial

Let’s make a cute cat face t-shirt…with a bow! If you know a little kitty lover, you are about to make them their new favorite shirt! In fact, maybe you’d better make them two, it’s that fast and easy! Cat Face t-shirt materials list: Cricut Maker Machine (or other cutting machine) EasyPress machine, other heatContinue reading “DIY Cat Face T-shirt Tutorial”

Funny DIY Homeschool T-shirts with the Cricut EasyPress 2

Today we have a fun post for you and a tutorial on how to make your own funny DIY homeschool t-shirts.   Homeschoolers often get taken very seriously, but really, they can be a fun and funny group of kids.  They have probably been asked all the same questions over and over again many times,Continue reading “Funny DIY Homeschool T-shirts with the Cricut EasyPress 2”

Cricut Mountain Make-A-Thon Review

The last week of July, I was invited to teach a sewing class at the Cricut Mountain Make-A-Thon.  Cricut paid my way to the conference and gave me lots of nice swag while I was there, but this post is not sponsored by them.  This was my 1st time teaching at a conference. Before IContinue reading “Cricut Mountain Make-A-Thon Review”

10 Ways to use a Cricut Maker for Apparel Sewing

Today I’m sharing 10 amazing ways to use a Cricut Maker for Apparel Sewing.  This post was sponsored by Cricut, but all opinions are mine.  When Cricut introduced the Maker and it’s amazing rotary blade for putting virtually any fabric without a backer, it opened up a whole bunch of opportunities for those of usContinue reading “10 Ways to use a Cricut Maker for Apparel Sewing”

Llama Queen Outfit

Today we’re sharing an outfit Annie has been wearing all spring and summer!  Better late than never when it’s a llama queen outfit, right?   Back when we sewed up some of the other fabrics from Raspberry Creek Fabric’s spring CLUB line, we fell in love with this llama print too.  They’re so, well, llama-ishContinue reading “Llama Queen Outfit”

Great Wall of China Inspired Children’s Clothing

Even though I’m not eligible to win a prize, I’m sewing along with Project Run & Play for the week 1 “7 Wonders of the World” theme!  (If you missed the news, I’m now leading Project Run & Play!)  It’s too inspiring not to!  Here’s a look at our Great Wall of China Inspired children’sContinue reading “Great Wall of China Inspired Children’s Clothing”