Wildflower Surprise D’anjou Dress

Probably the cutest garment in the Forest Friends story is the D’anjou Dress made using the Wildflower Surprise cotton poplin fabric. It’s just such a cute combination of fabric, pattern and girl! Wildflower Surprise is a super fun fabric. Among the wildflowers, cute insects hide and dandelion “wishes” float throughout. Cotton poplin is similar toContinue reading “Wildflower Surprise D’anjou Dress”

D’Anjou Dress from Project Farmer’s Market

Last week we showed you the Rosemary & Thyme Shirts pattern we contributed to the Project Farmer’s Market capsule wardrobe collection. Today we’re going to begin sharing some of the other patterns we sewed from the collection, starting with the D’Anjou Dress. The D’anjou Dress is part of the Project Farmer’s Market capsule wardrobe collection. Continue reading “D’Anjou Dress from Project Farmer’s Market”

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