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Our favorite kind of skirt refashion

We know we’ve posted a lot of these before, but they are probably our favorite kind of skirt refashion, so you’ll have to put up with one (or maybe more!)  Today we’re bringing home a post from the Refashion Coop. So it’s not often you can take a skirt from mini to maxi, but it’sContinue reading “Our favorite kind of skirt refashion”

Black & White Refashion and the updated Lane Raglan

It’s been quite a while since I’ve sewn one of my favorite kind of skirt refashions for myself.  But I’m not sure why because they are so fast and easy and comfortable! Here’s what I started with: And by using my own tutorial, I made myself a new skirt!  I’m such a maxi skirt lover; it’s totallyContinue reading “Black & White Refashion and the updated Lane Raglan”

Maternity Skirt Refashion – Revealing Mini to Modest Maxi

Today we have an announcement.  A little announcement.  Or a very large announcement…depending on what side of the belly you are on!  We are going to have a new little arrival in the spring!  Allegra, Aria and Annie are crossing their fingers that it’s a girl because they want to sew little, tiny, cute, pinkContinue reading “Maternity Skirt Refashion – Revealing Mini to Modest Maxi”

Denim Mini Refashion – Washed out to Wonderful!

We are so delighted with today’s refashion!  It’s simply scrumptious!  But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here, so we’ll back up to the beginning.  We started with a denim mini by Hartstrings.  We picked it up at Goodwill on back to school sale week in the kids department, so ended up paying all of $1!Continue reading “Denim Mini Refashion – Washed out to Wonderful!”

Beaded White Skirt – Scary to Sweet!

For today’s refashion, we started with a denim mini!  After yesterday’s post we were itching to create using another denim mini!  This little cutie was just perfect for Aria because the waist was adjustable, you know those waistbands that include buttons and elastic?  Well, she loves those, because of her little skinny waist.  We pickedContinue reading “Beaded White Skirt – Scary to Sweet!”

Dorothy’s Wizard of Oz Dress – Hideous to Happening!

We had so much fun with today’s refashion!  We started with a denim mini by TILT that we found at a thrift shop named Shelly’s Boutique. We are very indebted to Shelly’s Boutique because she supported what we’re doing, and it happened to be an end of summer sale, so we picked up this little cutieContinue reading “Dorothy’s Wizard of Oz Dress – Hideous to Happening!”

Ann Taylor Embroidered Skirt – Lost to Luxurious!

On this skirt remake, I started with a short black Twenty One mini skirt I found at the thrift store St. Vincent for $2.50.  It was in great shape, and a great foundation for what I had in mind! On the same trip to St. Vincent I found a pink Ann Taylor skirt for $2.Continue reading “Ann Taylor Embroidered Skirt – Lost to Luxurious!”

No Boundaries denim mini – Awful to Attractive!

Today’s skirt refashion was a learning process, but ended up so much better than expected!  We started with a plain No Boundaries denim mini.  This was actually the first mini refashion we did, so we’re reaching back a few months here, but just didn’t get around to posting it until today!  Back to the mini,Continue reading “No Boundaries denim mini – Awful to Attractive!”

Abercrombie Mini Skirt Makeover – Short to Shining

Today, we have a skirt refashion for you that will knock your socks off!  We found a super cute mini skirt by Abercrombie at Salvation Army for $2.00.  Can’t beat that!  The problem wasn’t the price or the fantastic details, it was the length.  When you are 6 feet tall with a 36″ inseam, yourContinue reading “Abercrombie Mini Skirt Makeover – Short to Shining”