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Huge List of Things to Make with Denim Fabric

For the final day of Denim Week, we’ve got a huge list of things to make with Denim Fabric.  If you missed any of the days, here they are: Day 1: Introduction and Cone Mills Denim Giveaway Day 2: Giant List of Denim Fabric, Supplies and Resources Day 3: Giant List of Denim Patterns ClassesContinue reading “Huge List of Things to Make with Denim Fabric”

Denim Details – Ways to make your garment special!

And now, Day 4 of Denim Week, we get to probably our favorite part of sewing a denim garment…details!  If you’ve taken the time and effort to sew a detailed denim garment, you should absolutely make it special by adding some unique denim details.  We’ve found 7 different areas to add denim details to yourContinue reading “Denim Details – Ways to make your garment special!”

Giant List of Denim Patterns, Classes and Tutorials

Welcome to Day 3 of Denim Week!  Today we cover 55+ patterns, classes and tutorials specifically designed for use with denim fabric.  We’ve grouped them into patterns for women, men, girls, boys, and classes & tutorials.  While there are lots of pattern you can use denim fabric for, we’re only including ones specifically designed forContinue reading “Giant List of Denim Patterns, Classes and Tutorials”

Giant List of Denim Fabric, Supplies and Resources

Welcome to Day 2 of Denim Week!  Today we cover denim fabric, supplies, and resources.  We’re excited to share a WHOLE bunch of resources for sewing denim.  Fabrics, supplies, resources, kits, and more.  We had so much fun virtually shopping and putting together this resource for you.  Be sure to check out Day 1: IntroductionContinue reading “Giant List of Denim Fabric, Supplies and Resources”

Denim Week Introduction

Welcome to Denim Week!  This is a super fun week where we’re going to cover everything to do with denim.  There’s a giveaway, discounts, inspiration, tutorials and much more!  Denim Week Schedule Monday, June 25: Denim Introduction Tuesday, June 26: Denim fabric and supplies Wednesday, June 27: Denim patterns and tutorials Thursday, June 28: DenimContinue reading “Denim Week Introduction”

Red Buy or DIY Denim Skirt

It’s time for another Buy or DIY skirt!  When Hey June Patterns released a denim skirt pattern, we were so excited!  We’ve already sewn our first Sandbridge Skirt, and we’ll be sharing and reviewing it soon, but today we’re going to show you how much you can save with a DIY denim skirt for less!Continue reading “Red Buy or DIY Denim Skirt”

My First Jeans {Sewing for Boys}

I. DID. IT.  When I started on my sewing adventure, sewing jeans for my boys I was certain I would never be able to sew jeans for my boys.  In fact, it never even crossed my mind, it was such an unattainable goal.  But then I started seeing more and more people in the sewingContinue reading “My First Jeans {Sewing for Boys}”

Denim Quilt made from Old Jeans

Two things gave me the final push I needed to finish this denim quilt that has been 10 years in the making: the Refashioner’s Jeanius challenge, and a threat from Mr. Skirt Fixation. As faithful readers (and good counters) of the Skirt Fixation blog know, I have 4 sons.  Boys wear jeans and wear outContinue reading “Denim Quilt made from Old Jeans”

Kelly Skirt {All The Skirts: Megan Nielsen & Imagine Gnats}

The Kelly Skirt by Megan Nielsen is everything Aria has ever asked for in a skirt!  Today we get to show you the first skirt we’ve made for All The Skirts: Megan Nielsen & Imagine Gnats. The Kelly Skirt is a button front pleated skirt with pockets.  It sits on the natural waist, and hasContinue reading “Kelly Skirt {All The Skirts: Megan Nielsen & Imagine Gnats}”