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Double Gauze Nina Blouse

Today we’re happy to share with you about the Coffee + Thread Nina Blouse. If you’ve been here for longer than a day or two, you’ve probably seen us sew a Coffee+Thread pattern before!  We love these pattern, and Olga (the owner/designer) is absolutely brilliant when it comes to making a professional pattern. The NinaContinue reading “Double Gauze Nina Blouse”

Brumby Skirt {All The Skirts: Megan Nielsen & Imagine Gnats}

Pockets!  The Brumby Skirt catches your eye with those deep scoop pockets!  But don’t worry, that’s not all this skirt has to offer.  There is an exposed zipper option, 3 different lengths to choose from, and a contoured waistband.  You can even make a Brumby without pockets if you prefer.  Today we get to showContinue reading “Brumby Skirt {All The Skirts: Megan Nielsen & Imagine Gnats}”

Lavinia Skirt {All The Skirts: Violette Field Threads & Raspberry Creek Fabrics}

The next skirt for All The Skirts: Violette Field Threads & Raspberry Creek Fabrics is the Lavinia skirt and blouse pattern.  This pattern is about the sweetest thing ever!  Really. I know we’re supposed to get technical and review the pattern and fabric, but it’s hard to do anything other than gush when it all turnsContinue reading “Lavinia Skirt {All The Skirts: Violette Field Threads & Raspberry Creek Fabrics}”

Nani Iro Maxi Skirt For Summer

When I made Annie a skirt from Nani Iro fabric I was very jealous!  It was just so soft and dreamy.  And the woodblock print just spoke to me.  I just couldn’t get over it, so I ordered some more for myself.  Before it arrived, I thought maybe I’d make myself a shirt with it,Continue reading “Nani Iro Maxi Skirt For Summer”