The Quarantine Skirt

Have you heard of any epic projects people have worked on while quarantining in the worldwide pandemic of 2020?  Even though our family had the virus early in the year (more on that here,) we still were required to quarantine along with everyone else…partially because everything was shut down!  So at our house there wereContinue reading “The Quarantine Skirt”

Embroidery Challenge

Today’s post is by Allegra, our 17 year old contributor.   For this month’s Project Run and Play challenge, Ashley & Emily from Frances Suzanne assigned the challenge of creating something that included handwork. Heheheh. Best. Challenge. Ever. If you’ve been around Skirt Fixation for any time at all, you’ve seen some of my embroidery!Continue reading “Embroidery Challenge”

Easy Swing Skirt Pattern Review

This week all of the adult sized people at Skirt Fixation are participating in Selfish Sewing Week!  You’ve seen lots of sewing, skirts, and adult sized creations! With the final creation of the week we have Aria, who is 12 and just starting to fit into the smallest women’s sizes.  YAY! My first pattern sewn!Continue reading “Easy Swing Skirt Pattern Review”

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